LUSH Cosmetics Wants You To Get "Naked"

LUSH Cosmetics is a go-to for many cosmetics lovers seeking cruelty-free, handmade products, and the brand is more committed than ever to creating more product that require no — or "naked" — packaging. In fact, in celebration of the brand's "naked packaging," Lush employees are getting naked to encourage their customers to choose packaging free products and raise aware about the environmental impact of excess packaging.

On May 31, some LUSH employees rocked their signature LUSH aprons but nothing else to celebrate LUSH's "naked" packaged products and to educate customers on greener options for beauty packaging. One of those "naked" products is LUSH's Buffy Body Butter. What makes Buffy so special, though? Not only is it an incredible product that both exfoliates and moisturizes skin, but it's also a completely "naked" product meaning that there is no packaging left behind once you're finished using it.

While the ultra fun, naked members of LUSH stores were great, the Buffy Body Butter and "naked" packaging are the real stars of the moment. With ground rice for exfoliation and a shea and cocoa butter base, the thick, square Buffy Body Butter lets you not just exfoliate your skin to perfection during the months when it's exposed but also allows you to moisturize your body at the same time.

Plus, the product is one of LUSH's best selling butters. It has a whopping four and a half star rating, and the reviews are glowing. One reviewer even says, "This has now become a product that I cannot live without!"

While the Buffy Body Butter may be one of LUSH's most loved products, it's actually not the only "naked" packaged item they offer. Check out some other options to go along with your Buffy Body Butter and to embrace "naked" packaging at LUSH.

Body Scrubs

Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub, $9.95, LUSH

Love the smell of Jasmine? This scrub may be your new must-have.

Bath Bombs

Intergalactic Bath Bomb, $7.75, LUSH

While you may slip a bath bomb into a paper sleeve at the store, they actually require no packing.

Bubble Bars

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar, $8.95, LUSH

Snag a reusable, package free Bubble Bar while you're at it!

If you're inspired by LUSH's "naked" packaging and love the fun way the brand has embraced it, now is the time to start shopping. While LUSH's Buffy Body Butter should be your first purchase, it certainly doesn't have to be your only if you want to go naked with LUSH.