11 Lush Products That Have More Than One Use The allure of Lush products is undeniable: They smell amazing, they’re sustainable and quite often, there’s some kind of glitter involved. Perhaps even more excitingly many Lush products do more than one thing — that is, you can tackle several different beauty issues with the same item. From bath bomb blends that soften your skin as well as soothe your senses, to glitter that can be used to create a full-face look with just a little creativity.

That said, experimenting with the uses of some beauty products can go awry. Be careful with what you put where, as well as simply knowing how your body reacts to certain ingredients and combinations of ingredients. Three bath bombs at once might seem like the dreamiest tub time ever, but those with sensitive skin may not survive such perfumed potency.

The products on this list, however, and their multiple use promises, are verified by bloggers, vloggers and even the Lush team themselves. Through trial and error; through faith, trust and Lush’s Fairy Dust; these are the products found to be worth investing in if you love a multi use product that pretty much pays for itself.

1. Fun

Rainbow Fun, $10, Lush

Lush employee Lex Bose told Bustle that "Fun is a product that is soap, shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath" as well as being basically Play-Doh for the tub. This is a great purchase for anyone who gets bored easily.

2. Bath Bombs

Intergalactic Bath Bomb, $8, Lush

Last year, Bustle writer Jennifer Che came up with the ingenious idea of using Lush bath bombs as air freshener. Left out, they admit a pretty strong scent — that's why Lush always smells so good. But Che also advises "crumbling up half of your bath bomb and dividing the pieces into little pouches."

3. Ultrabland

Ultrabland, $19, Lush

Marketed as a facial cleanser, xoVain writer Kate Foster also found that Ultrabland makes your eyelashes grow, which is a huge bonus point for any product.

4. Happiness Eye Shadow

Happiness Eye Shadow, $20, Lush

With its creamy consistency, there's no reason you can't use the Lush eye shadows on other parts of your body. Using eye shadow as highlighter is pretty resourceful, after all, and this gold shade will make any complexion glow beautifully.

5. Color Supplements

Dark Brown Color Supplement, $19, Lush

Instead of buying three different products for three different types of coverage, Lush color supplements do it all: Mix with moisturizer for a tinted moisturizer effect, or use on its own as concealer or foundation.

6. Shimmy Shimmy Body Tint

Shimmy Shimmy Body Tint, $8, Lush

As well as working to moisturize and glitterize your body, the shimmy shimmy bar can be used as an alternative to highlighter.

7. Shampoo Bars

Brazilliant Shampoo Bar, $11, Lush

This tip comes straight from the blogosphere: As well as using a shampoo bar to clean your hair, you can use them to clean your makeup brushes. Makes sense when you think about it, right?

8. Dusting Powders

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, $10, Lush

As well as being used as, well, a dusting powder. Silky Underwear in particular has been known for years to work as an anti-chafing product.

9. Deodorant

The Greeench Deodorant Powder, $8, Lush

A bit of a wild card, but Cosmopolitan promise that this Lush deodorant can be used as dry shampoo. If it absorbs moisture under your arms, why not on your scalpt, too?

10. Buffy Body Butter

Buffy Body Butter, $13, Lush

Lush says their Buffy Body Butter can be used both as an exfoliator and a moisturizer and that, "it is designed to be used in the shower, so great if you don't have time to moisturize after the shower," a representative from Lush says in an email.

11. Ultrabalm

Ultrabalm, $15, Lush

Is there anything this product can't to? "Ultrabalm is an excellent multitasking product. This is a very simple but effective formula, with just three moisturizing ingredients," says a representative from Lush. "Pop this anywhere that feels really dry for instant relief: chapped lips or hard skin such as elbows, or use to tame lashes and eyebrows, brighten up tattoos, or to protect your skin when you’re dyeing your hair. Perfect for carrying in your bag or on your holidays."

Now go out there and get the most out of your money — and have fun experimenting with these multi-use products.

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