LUSH Cosmetics' Sustainable LUSH Fund Aims To Engage & Support Communities Around The Globe


If you thought LUSH Cosmetics couldn't get any better, they're here to prove you wrong. The handmade, ethical beauty brand is home to fresh products and philanthropic ventures, and now they're getting engaged globally. LUSH Cosmetics' Sustainable LUSH fund (the SLush Fund) is debuting two new gourmet products that return two percent of all moneys spent on ingredients and packaging back to the fund itself. Once returned, the money is used to create and encourage sustainable farming efforts and projects within global communities.

LUSH's new products in conjunction with SLush fund are two gourmet soaps, but they're not the first products to participate in the fund. Remember the campaign to bring back the brand's adorable Scrubee Body Butter? The bee-shaped moisturizing exfoliator sources ingredients from Fredrich's Honey, a small bee farm that helps protect bee populations via the Alternative Pollination Contract the farm has with LUSH. Fredrich's Honey can be found in Queen Bee Hair Honey, Honey Trap Lip Balm and Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.

Now, LUSH is teaming up with two new initiatives through the SLush fund to encourage global communities and fair trade practices. What exactly are the new LUSH gourmet soaps, and who is the brand partnering with?

Ro's Argan Soap

Courtesy of LUSH

The new gourmet Ro's Argan Soap gets its name from a key ingredient: argan oil. The new soap's oil is sourced from co-operatives formed by Berber women's villages in Morocco. By sourcing from the villages through the SLush fund, LUSH helps to create sustainable incomes and trainings that give the villages both organic and fair trade certifications.

Courtesy of LUSH

Olive Tree Soap

Courtesy of LUSH

Like Ro's Argan Soap, the Olive Tree Soap uses oil as a main ingredient. Sourced from Marda Permaculture Farm, the oil is part of a larger sustainable farming operative that encourages peaceful "cultural, ecological and economic vigilance" in the Israeli occupied West Bank.

Courtesy of LUSH

If you want to support the SLush fund and shop LUSH's new gourmet soaps, they are available beginning Sept. 1 one and in-stores on Sept. 8. As for the price, the soaps will cost $15.95 per 100g. Mark your calendars and help support LUSH and their partners.