Lush Is Giving Out Free Face Masks For One Day Only

When you think of Lush, you may think of bath bombs and bubble bars, but don't forget that the brand is also full of incredible skin care items as well. This year, Lush is giving out free face masks for National Face Mask Day, and you'll definitely want to be at your local store to snag one of them.

According to Lush, National Face Mask Day is Aug. 11, and the brand wants to help you celebrate the big day. For the event, Lush fans can step into their local stores and experience their own mask for the day. Those who stop at a store will be able to try out the masks themselves (and maybe find a new favorite), but that's not the best part. You'll also leave the store with a free fresh face mask sample if you test out a mask with store employees. Simply head into your local store, try out a mask with Lushie, and you'll head home with a free sample. While yes, trying out items in store is great, if you really want to know if something is right for your skin, snagging your own sample and taking it home is the best way to do it.

While getting a free fresh face mask is exciting, there's more to Lush's National Face Mask Day celebration. During the event, if you decide to mask, snap a selfie and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #NationalFaceMaskDay, and you'll be entered to win $500 worth of Lush products. It's almost too good to be true, right?

For National Face Mask Day, Lush will have 15 different masks for those visiting stores to choose from, and the options are pretty incredible and innovative. While the brand has some classic options like its Cup o' Coffee mask or the iconic Mask of Magnaminty, since the brand will be giving out free mask samples in stores, it's the perfect time to get your hands on something a bit more unique.

Back in 2017, Lush launched its jelly face masks inspired by successful Lush businesswomen. The mask formula is — obviously — a jelly like consistency that when warmed up between your hands can be applied smoothly onto the face. Plus, a little goes a long way. From glow-enhancing features to soothing properties, the Lush Jelly Face Masks are definitely ones to check out during the brand's National Face Mask Day celebration.

Then, there's the brand's fresh face masks. These skin loving products are made from fresh ingredients, and as a result, they are only available in stores since they have to be refrigerated. While you may have bought Mask of Magnaminty online, if you're going in store for National Face Mask Day, a fresh face mask is a must try, and the brand has something for everyone.

Fresh face masks include the bright blue beauty that is Don't Look At Me which helps to brighten and exfoliate skin as well as masks for blemishes like Cosmetic Warrior. If you're looking for something hydrating, Oatifix is your new go-to (plus it smells like banana bread).

If you want to celebrate National Face Mask Day with Lush and score a free sample of a fresh face mask, pencil in a date with your local store on Aug. 11. Your skin will thank you.