LUSH's New Holiday Bath Bomb Smells Like Sleepy Lotion, So Napping In The Tub Is A Go

LUSH Cosmetics is a people-pleasing company. The brand's Sleepy Lotion is one of its most beloved products, thanks to its comforting and cozy lavender scent which lulls you into a sleep state. And now you can have that same sleepy fragrance in a bath bomb. LUSH's Christmas Bath Bomb, aka the Luxury LUSH Pud, features Sleepy Lotion's fragrance and will transform your bathroom into a further relaxing, spa-like experience. Pop this baby, which features a holly leaf and berry, into a hot bath and slip in for a soak before bed. It's pretty much guaranteed to lead to restful shut-eye — after you towel off and slip into your PJs, of course.

LUSH teased this returning bath bomb, which is part of the LUSH Christmas Collection, multiple times on Instagram, confirming the scent. The official product description on LUSH site will elicit a few "oohs" and "aahs." It reads: "Catch 40 winks on Christmas Eve with islands of sleepy foam and comforting lavender. Creamy benzoin resinoid soothes and protects chapped, dry skin, while the reassuring scent of lavender oil and sweet, warm tonka absolute banishes tension and aids relaxation. It's the perfect bedtime soother for excited children and grown-ups alike."

The description is vivid enough to have Lushies planning quick trip to the local LUSH boutique or grabbing one via the site in order to indulge in all that goodness.

You will want to make this bath bomb an essential part of your bedtime ritual as the holidays — and their accompanying stress, shopping, and stuff to do— are in full swing.

If Christmas Eve is both an exhausting and exciting holiday for you, wind down and wait for Santa by taking a dip with this bath bomb. All the chaos in the run up to the season will melt away as the relaxing lavender fragrance fills the air.

Courtesy of LUSH

Luxury LUSH Pud, $7.95,

It's a Christmas miracle and a holiday season "must have."

Courtesy of LUSH

This bath bomb fizzes and bubbles, turning the water pink, blue, and yellow. The pastel palette is more akin to Easter than the Christmas holidays, but who cares? Your skin will be soft and your bathroom will be fragrant.

Of course the internet is all about this product, with one user saying, "This bath bomb is just marvelous. Beautiful colors and a brilliant bath art show in the tub. The scent is that amazingly rich lavender and ylang ylang without the irritating glitter of the Twilight bath bomb."

Another simply proclaimed, "I found this bath bomb so very relaxing."

Lushies had plenty of questions, which the brand readily answered.

More details here!

That's not all LUSH cooked up for the holiday season. Here are some other festive faves you can get your hands on this year.

Courtesy of LUSH

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, $7.95.

This bubble bar is another snooze-inducing option during those high stress moments that keep you awake at night. The jasmine and ylang ylang aroma is just divine.

Courtesy of LUSH

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, $7.95,

This festive fizzer aesthetically mimics the ugliest holiday sweater, but the spicy clove scent is so seasonal.

Courtesy of LUSH

Santa's Christmas Shower Cream, $9.95,

It's red like Rudolph's nose or Santa's signature ensemble and creates a delish foam. It also comes in a packaging-free, solid formula.

Courtesy of LUSH

Golden Pear Soap, $8.95,

This spicy pear soap is a winter-friendly item. The lather is rich, the smell is pure heaven, and it keeps skin supple even in the most bitter months.

Courtesy of LUSH

Christingle Body Conditioner, $26.95,

Use body conditioner after your cleanse and before your moisturize. It's an additional step, sure. But it's wholly worthwhile, especially when your skin is brutalized by winter's chill. This LUSH holiday fave cools and soothes with jojoba oil, and murumurum and shea butters, along with tingly menthol.

'Tis the season to get your bath on.