Lush's Sushi-Inspired Wasabi Shampoo Will Give You Maki Cravings


Lush has found a way to translate your love for sushi into your beauty routine. Lush's Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo is inspired by the little wasabi scoops you get with sushi rolls. The shampoo, however, has more benefits than just making you crave Maki.

According to Lush, the spicy shampoo will give you "saucy scalp tingles," which will help stimulate hair growth. The green shampoo infuses fine, thin, and oily hair with a blend of fresh horseradish and wasabi to promote healthy hair, adding in menthol for a fresh touch.

"At Lush, we are always looking to use new and exciting ingredients in our products, and never before have we used wasabi," Erica Vega, brand and product trainer for Lush North America, tells Bustle. "The appeal of wasabi is that it is known (or perhaps not so known) for its stimulating properties. The combination of fresh wasabi and of fresh horseradish encourages hair follicles to grow, while giving a burst of warming stimulation as it is massaged over the scalp.”

According to Lush, fresh horseradish and wasabi boosts circulation, helping to promote hair length and thickness. The tingle indicates that the spicy condiment is "stimulating circulation."

The shampoo also has sea salt, which scrubs away excess oil, and aquafaba, which builds volume. Aquafaba is just a fancy name for chickpea water, which has many of the same properties as egg whites. According to Healthline, egg whites are known to strengthen your tresses and protect your hair from split ends.

The Wasabi Shan Kui Shampoo formula also includes fresh lemon juice and fair trade olive oil. The Sicilain lemon oil, which comes directly from a supplier in Sicily, is used in the shampoo for its astringent and cleansing properties. The oil will help leave the scalp healthy and clean, while also promoting shine in the hair. The olive oil, which is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, strengthens and nourishes strands, making them glossy and manageable.

Like all of Lush's products, this shampoo is handmade, vegan, and never tested on animals.


But this isn't the only sushi-related product that Lush launched. In addition to the wasabi-themed shampoo, Lush has also rolled out a Coconut Rice Cake shampoo bar and a Flyaway Hair shampoo bar.

The Coconut Rice Cake bar represents the rice in sushi, and was created to help rescue damaged hair. The bar has bits of white rice embedded in it, which offer a gentle exfoliation for flaky scalps. The shampoo also has a combination of organic coconut milk, creamed coconut, and fair trade organic cocoa butter, which hydrates and protects your hair.

The Flyaway Hair shampoo is a scrubby sea salt bar that nixes oil and boosts shine. Since there is no sushi without the sea, the Flyaway Hair shampoo is a great addition to your sushi-themed beauty arsenal. The shampoo's formula includes lemon oil to cut grease and cleanse the scalp, chamomile oil to soothe the scalp, and coarse sea salt to boost the volume of limp locks.

Channel your obsession with sashimi to your showering experience. Just schedule takeout for after your shower.