MAC Is Coming To Nordstrom Rack

MAC makeup is becoming more widely available at a variety of locations in 2017. MAC products are now sold at Ulta, which expands the brand's reach outside of its mall boutiques and department store counters. Now, MAC products will be sold at Nordstrom Rack, but with a bit of a twist, according to a report by Women's Wear Daily.

The publication reports that MAC at the Rack is temporary and intentional.

Basically, the brand will utilize Nordstrom Rack as a sales platform for discontinued products so it can make room in stores and on shelves for new inventory and launches.

This is actually a brilliant move for a variety of reasons.

First, who doesn't love quality makeup at a legit discount? MAC remains one of my favorite brands and the MAC-o-phile in me is stoked anytime I find something marked down. It's exciting to unearth a hard-to-find, discontinued, or unexpected gem at an off-price store.

Second, MAC constantly launches new products, new shades, and limited edition collections. There is a frequent influx of product, so the brand needed to adopt an effective "out with the old, in with the new" approach with turnover. It allows customers to get their hands on things they may have missed the first time around, too.

Bustle reached out to MAC reps for further information and they confirmed that the brand's discontinued offerings will indeed be sold at the Rack.

Some Redditors in the MakeupAddiction forum have posted about finding MAC products on sale at Nordstrom Rack already. So start perusing the makeup aisles at your local Nord Rack and see what you come up with.

This red lipstick collab with LeeHi is limited edition and seems like it could be the type of product that eventually ends up on sale at Nordstrom Rack... provided it doesn't sell out or if there isn't additional stock that needs to be moved to free up space for new items.

MAC has so many amazing launches and the temporary transfer of discontinued product to Nordstrom Rack means you could find some cool stuff you may didn't catch the first time out. It also means you could enjoy a nice haul of killer makeup at a discount.

It's win-win.