Maggie & Gary Are THIS CLOSE To Getting Back Together On 'A Million Little Things'

Maggie and Gary on A Million Little Things
Jack Rowand/ABC

Spoilers ahead for A Million Little Things Season 2, Episode 12. For all the fans hoping that Maggie and Gary get back together on A Million Little Things, the end of the Feb. 6 episode was really encouraging. After finding out the truth about Eric's lies from Delilah, Gary marched right over to Maggie's house to check on her — and to apologize for some of his mistakes in their relationship. "I just wanted to come here and tell you that I could have handled myself better," he said.

It was a big move for Gary to make, perhaps spurred on by finally confronting his absentee mother and working through that situation a bit. Sadly, he did decline Maggie's offer to get dinner — but even as he was saying no, he looked like he'd really wanted to say yes. On his way out of her apartment, he paused and looked back at her door, and fans could feel that he was as close as he's ever been to attempting to reconcile with her.

However, just because things are moving in a better direction doesn't mean Maggie and Gary will get back together any time soon. The synopsis for the Feb. 13 episode "Daisy" looks a little promising: "Maggie and Gary face a harsh reality when they attend a mutual friend’s cancer remission party." Perhaps this harsh reality will help them see that life is short and help them come back together? Not necessarily. The synopsis for the following episode "The Sleepover," airing on Feb. 20 says that "Maggie leans on a friend for her six-month cancer checkup." If Gary's not by her side for that, then they probably haven't made up yet.

Jack Rowand/ABC

Then there's the fact that creator DJ Nash doesn't always give the fans the happy stories that they want. He's committed to keeping the show realistic to how life actually works, telling a frustrated fan on Twitter after the breakup, "No, I can't stop making Gary's life so hard. It's going to get worse before it gets better." He also recently said on Twitter, "Sad things happen in life. And sometimes on TV shows."

However, Nash admitted in an interview with Hollywood Life that the breakup wasn't really necessary for Maggie and Gary to go through with — and in an interview with TV Insider he said that all of their friends want them back together. "I think there was no need for this breakup," he told Hollywood Life. "Even as they were looking at each other with the moving boxes packed at the end of our midseason finale, there was this moment where either one of them could have said, 'What are we doing?' And neither one of them did it."

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For Maggie and Gary to get back together they both need to be on the same page. They need to get back in sync for this to work, and that probably won't happen right away. However, Nash hinted to TV Guide that those feelings are still there between the two. "I'm excited for you to see Maggie and Gary admit their feelings to everyone but each other, and maybe have to decide if they're going to admit them to each other," he said.

If they can put aside their hurt and grow from this experience and decide to open up to each other again, things could work out. But don't expect that kind of change to happen overnight. Nash isn't done making Gary's life hard yet.