Mahershala Ali Gives A Sweet Shout-Out To His Wife

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During the Academy Awards, the first award of the night always goes to Best Supporting Actor, and, this year, Mahershala Ali took home that first Oscar. Ali won for his role as Juan in Moonlight. The actor was a frontrunner going in, but, unsurprisingly, accepting the award was an emotional moment for the star. After thanking his past acting teachers and his fellow Moonlight cast members and crew, he turned his speech toward thanking his wife, Amatus Sami-Karim, who recently gave birth to their first child. His shout-out was a powerful one since it touched on how she's carried him through award season, even while pregnant.

"Lastly, I just want to thank my wife," Ali said. "Who was in her third trimester during award season. We just had a daughter four days ago. I just want to thank her for being just such a soldier through this process and really carrying me through out it all."

Like Ali said, he and Sami-Karim recently welcomed a daughter, Bari, and shared the news with fans via Instagram. And if you've ever even seen a picture of the couple together, you know how in love they always look. To hear Ali not just thank his wife during his speech (anyone would), but to talk specifically about her "carrying" him and how resilient and supportive she's been while literally about to birth a human shows how strong she is and how much respect they have for each other.

This has been an unbelievable week for Ali with welcoming a child and winning an Oscar. Here's hoping he and Sami-Karim get some good down time in as soon as the show is over.