You Have To See Makeup Revolution's Rainbow Highlighter

Forget everything that you know about colorful highlighters, because this brand is changing the game. According to their Instagram, Makeup Revolution created a Rainbow Highlighter unlike any other that you've seen before. I'm talking bright colors, a giant pan, and multiple ways to use the powders. Oh, and all this for drugstore prices too. Let's just say that the multi-colored palette is one product that you have to see to believe.

Remember when Bitter Lace Beauty created one of the first rainbow highlighters? Well, this is the biggest thing since then. Makeup Revolution, which is a beauty brand known for taking inspiration from other creators, has made their own version, and it's bigger than ever — literally. Instead of sticking with the little round pan like most beauty brands, Makeup Revolution has made it the size of an eyeshadow palette. I'm talking five, solid colors in the shape of a rainbow. It's incredible really.

The brand has yet to say when or where you can buy the Rainbow Highlighter, but they've been showing off swatches on their Instagram that are seriously stunning. As of June 3, the Makeup Revolution website is closed for a remodel and the product doesn't show up on the Ulta website. Bustle reached out to the brand to see exactly when you can shop.

Look at those swatches! According to the brand's Instagram post, the size of the pan makes it easy to use one of the shades or mix them all together for a multi-colored glow. Makeup Revolution didn't show how these shades look as eyeshadow, but I'm willing to bet that they look just as incredible.

This isn't the first time that the brand has created an unconventional highlighter, either. According to the Ulta website, Makeup Revolution has a Triple Baked Highlighter already up for sale. Although it doesn't say how the powders compare, the size different is clear. The triple-baked version is much smaller and in the shape of a heart, which the new one if giant.

My makeup-loving heart almost can't take the cuteness. I hope that the brand gives all the shopping details soon, because this palette is too good not to have in my makeup bag!