Here's How To Win A Rainbow Highlighter

by Kali Borovic

There have been tons of different makeup trends in the year, but one of the biggest has been highlighter. Bitter Lace Beauty was one of the first brands to create the Rainbow Highlighter trend, and now they're doing a giveaway to celebrate their incredible success. Think tons of multi-colored products all for free. You won't believe how easy it is to enter Bitter Lace Beauty's Holiday Of Prism Giveaway either.

There's been everything from Jaclyn Hill and Becca's Champagne Pop to unconventional highlight hues. One of the biggest was Rainbow Highlighter, which completely took the beauty world by storm. Everyone from Wet N Wild to Forever 21 has made their take on the trend, now Bitter Lace Beauty, the original creator, is celebrating in the best way possible. They're giving away 25 Prism Highlighters to their fans.

To enter Bitter Lace Beauty's Holiday Of Prism Giveaway, all you have to do is repost their photo to your Instagram, follow the brand, and use the hashtag #holidayofprism. It's that easy, people! According to the post, all winners will be chosen at random. Plus with so many winner, your odds for winning are pretty darn great. I can't think of a better way to end the year than with one of the biggest trends.

If you're not familiar with the trend, then now is the perfect time to get into it. Basically, it's a multi-colored pan filled with gorgeous colors that you can rub on your cheeks with one swoop or all swirled together. It's not your typical highlighter.

Since the Prism Highlighter, the brand has come up with tons of other unconventional hues. They even have an entire Halloween highlight collection. It ranges from a gorgeous silver liquid product to a silver pan with red blood drips.

Seeing as the product is currently out of stock on the Bitter Lace Beauty website, this giveaway is all the better. You have until Dec. 25 at 12pm EST to enter. Maybe the beauty odds be ever in your favor!

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