Maltesers Have Some Weird New Snacks & Twitter Is Seriously Divided


The rumour mill has been spinning for a wee while but the team over at Mars have finally announced the news of the century. Yes, fellow chocolate lovers, Maltesers truffled and buttons are about to hit the shelves, according to The Independent. I kid you not, a Malteser redux is en route to UK stores in the next few months. Ugh get in my belly right now.

With recent years bringing an absolute barrage of delicious new confectionary offerings, big companies have definitely felt the pressure to bring out new products to stay in the game and to keep customers interested. After The Sun reported a press leak from an advertising focus group claiming that Mars was intending to flatten the classic spherical ball of joy, many people were concerned that the humble yet delicious traditional Maltesers were possibly about to go the way of the Toblerone, which as the BBC reports was reworked from its traditional 400g form into a 170g little sister. This led to the guys over in the press department at Mars having to issue an official statement assuaging the fears of eagle-eyed consumers. They promised that the Maltesers ball was going nowhere and some didn't know what to believe. But by Joe, they've stuck to their word.

So what new products does the brand have up its sleeve then? Well, let me tell you, it's good news. The classic ball has some sexy new family members who are coming to the party. Oh yes, they are only going and launching flipping launching Maltesers buttons. As if that wasn't enough to make you salivate, the chocolate bosses are launching Maltesers truffles too.


The buttons are being billed as a sort of a lighter option. They are smaller and have a more condensed amount of chocolate with less of the stunning (yes, I said stunning) malty inside.

Buttons have a higher ratio of chocolate to malt than traditional Maltesers, providing a bitesize eating experience for consumers in a fun and playful format, while still retaining the brand’s signature characteristic of being deliciously crunchy.

They will be available in four different sizes, ranging from 32g all the way up to 159g. So you can buy enough to eat yourself or a larger bag to pretend you're going to share with someone else. Oi, hands off my chocco! OK, now I'm drooling. Ever since the rumours began, people have had mixed feelings about this development, and these feelings have only intensified since the news broke.

However, people who love Maltesers, like love the idea.

Call me crazy, but maybe it was the pretty wild reactions from people thinking that Maltesers were about to be shrunk that led to them making the sick (sick in a good way) decision to make truffles. Imagine the Malteaster Bunnies but like, fancy. These are treats you bring when you are trying to look classy and elegant. Photos of these things are positively gleek-worthy.

Maltesers Truffles contain the familiar crunch and melt texture combination that consumers love with a new creamy truffly texture to create a different and more indulgent taste sensation.

Just look at them. It really is almost too delicious to imagine. Yummy chocolate surrounding whatever the heck that sexy stuff inside of their signature Malteaster Bunny is, and a nice thick bottom with little crunchy malty bits. The truffles will be available in small, medium, and large sized boxes, priced from £1.99.


OK, now for the important bit. When and where can I get my greasy little mitts on these bags and boxes of joy? Release is set for mid July, so sadly I (and you) have a little while left to wait. In the meantime, the regular old, delicious, spherical Maltesers are still here for you and available at your nearest shop whenever you need them.