M&S Is Selling Cheese Easter Eggs That Look Un-Brie-lievably Gouda


For those who err on the more savoury side of things, some annual festivities can feel like they're just not designed for you. Those with a sweet tooth might get caught up in the chocolatey excitement of Easter, but for people who aren't so hot on sugar, it's all a bit meh. So news that M&S are selling cheese Easter eggs just made egg hunts everywhere a lot more palate inclusive.

When you hear about these cheesy treats you'll want to go wild in the aisles. Now when I say cheese eggs, I don't just mean a shell made of cheese in the style of a chocolate egg. Nope, Good Housekeeping reports that these little nuggets are solid all the way through and look like real life eggs. They're hand-dipped in blue wax shells like a sort of posh Baby Bell. The egg white is made of Barber's Farmhouse Cheddar and the yolk is made from Belton Farm's vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester. When cut down the middle it looks very much like sliced hard boiled egg and considering it comes in a misleading egg box, the good people at M&S might as well call themselves Heston Flipping Blumenthal.


The cheese eggs are available in store and cost £8.50 for a box of six. M&S have really been pushing the boat out recently with new and exciting treats for all us savoury stans. Their food department have been repping with a whole new Marmite range which includes Marmite-flavoured butter and Marmite-flavoured cream cheese.

So thanks to M&S, Easter is now for one and all. Just spare a thought for the poor Easter bunny whose basket is potentially going to be a lot more pongy this year.