Mandy Moore’s New ‘Tangled’ Song Is Here

Disney Channel

Thanks to the Disney Channel, Mandy Moore's Rapunzel is back and belting out yet another tune written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. On Sunday, the Disney Channel released the music video for "Wind In My Hair," a new record from forthcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Tangled: Before Ever After. And just like Moore, Menken, and Slater's other Tangled songs, "Wind In My Hair" is an absolute delight.

The first time I read the song's title, my mind immediately flashed to driving on a crowded two-lane mountain highway in the dead of a Los Angeles heat wave. Worried the engine might overheat, we turned the air conditioning off, cracked the windows, let the unrelenting hot breeze ripple through the car, and accepted that we’d show up to our destination looking like we just climbed out of a Splash Mountain log. The wind was in our hair, but we did not feel too great about it.

The lyrics to “Wind In My Hair,” on the other hand, depict a very different wind. “Wind In My Hair” is about an inspirational wind. An empowering wind. A wind that could untangle any knot. The wind in "Wind In My Hair" is a friend.

Tangled: Before Ever After will premiere on the Disney Channel on March 10, and Tangled: The Series will begin two weeks later. As the title suggests, Tangled: Before Ever After takes place before 2012 short film Tangled Ever After and after 2010’s Tangled. You can check out the music video below.

Now that we've given the record a good listen or seven, why don't we throw the windows open and let the lyrics to “Wind In My Hair” breeze on into our hearts? The song begins:

Seems like I've spent my whole life hoping
Dreaming of things I've never tried
Tangled in knots just waiting for my time to shine
What if the doors began to open?
What if the knots became untied?
What if one day nothing stood in my way and the world was mine?
Would it feel this fine?

Right out the gate, Rapunzel explains what’s going on: She is sick of sitting back and letting life’s knots remain tangled. She is ready to experience the world and untangle knots. She continues:

'Cause I got the wind in my hair and a dream in my eyes and an endless horizon
I got a smile on my face and I'm walking on air
Everything life ought to be
It's all gonna happen to me out there
And I'll find it, I swear
With the wind in my hair

The moment Rapunzel goes out into that wind, she realizes the possibilities are limitless. The world is her untangled oyster.

So many roads I've yet to travel
So many friends I haven't met
So many new adventures just around the bend
Plenty of mysteries to unravel
Tons of mistakes to not regret
So much to see and to do and to be, a whole life to spend
And it doesn't end

With her locks flowing behind her, Rapunzel will make new friends, make new mistakes, and make new memories.

And I got the wind in my hair and a song in my heart and the fun's only started
I got a skip in my step and I haven't a care
Colorful breeze blowing through
It's gonna carry me who knows where
And I'll take any dare
With the wind in my hair

Rapunzel can't wait to get out there and live in that wind, whatever that may entail. Or should I say, entangle?

You can watch the trailer for Tangled: Before Ever After here.

Holy hair, indeed.