Mantras That Will Help You Wake Up With Purpose

by Isadora Baum, CHC

Some days, you might not feel like getting out of bed or hitting the trails for a morning run, and it's totally understandable. We all have those days now and then. But, if you're in the right mindset, it is reversible. Using morning mantras to wake up purposeful and keeping a mindful practice as a daily (or somewhat routine) habit can enhance your quality of life and really make a difference in the day. What's more, you can even channel that energy throughout the rest of the day, too, if your motivation starts to waver.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling confident and energized, where they have the stamina to perform at their best and reach their goals. Whether it's at the office or on the weekend, waking up with direction and drive is so important for personal and professional growth. If you feel as though you're not looking forward to the day ahead, or you're starting to lose that ambition for greatness, saying a few positive morning mantras could help you get back that desire for life and really impact your mood and energy. Plus, these mantras support self-love, so you can be more accepting of yourself and feel more powerful. Here are some morning mantras to start your day on a high note.

1. "Today I choose love, not fear."

This powerful morning mantra by transformational and life coach Liz Traines over email with Bustle really puts you in the right mindset for the day ahead. By choosing to focus on love and positive energy, and not shying away from challenge or adventures that are outside your comfort zone, you'll be up for anything and can really go after what you want.

2. "Results come from taking small, consistent steps."

This mantra from Susie Mordoh, a life coach, over email with Bustle, shows that doing small, consistent healthy habits each day can make for long-term change. By working your way up to loftier goals, the process will feel easier and you'll also feel more accomplished each day, from short-term action steps.

3. "Honor your soul. Do more of what makes you happy."

This one by Mordoh is big: Life is about being happy, right? Make sure that whatever you're doing, at work, socially, at home in your own time, makes you feel fulfilled and relaxed. There's never a reason to let stress weigh you down, and you don't want to let life pass by without feeling happy in wherever it takes you.

4. "Let go of expectations to allow for the unexpected."

Mordoh's mantra lets the soul widen for new experiences, ones that are less expected and joyful surprises. For instance, having expectations can put a lot of pressure on situations and people, and it can lead to disappointment if things don't turn out as planned. Instead, wake up with few expectations, so you can be pleasantly pleased and just go with the flow.

5. "I open to my highest potential."

This mantra by Steph Lagana, spiritual and business mentor and coach, over email with Bustle, helps put the mind and body into action first thing in the morning. To have a goal to reach your fullest potential, you're focusing your energy and increasing your chances of success.

6. "Breathe before you react."

This morning mantra by Timmi Jandro, co-founder of the upcoming book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune Into the Real You, over email with Bustle, can actually be powerful throughout the entire day, as it teaches you how to stay calm under pressure and how to react when the mind might feel a bit overwhelmed.

9. "I am the only me, and I am here for a reason!”

What's so great about this mantra by Adam Meyer, author, transformational speaker, and stress reduction specialist, over email with Bustle, is that it really emphasizes power of the individual, meaning that there's only one you to take on life's obstacles that day. It creates urgency and a sense of self-worth.

8. “I am grateful for another day to live my purpose.”

Another by Meyer, this mantra relates to purpose and gratitude, two concepts that can really boost that morning energy. "Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools of transformation that exists. When you become grateful for all that you have, you will move into a place of abundance, and the universe will respond by giving you more to be grateful for," says Meyer.

If you wake up with these positive affirmations, you'll be sure to start your day off right and really channel that motivational energy. Remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.