12 Healthy Morning Mantras That Will Motivate You

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you wake up? If it's a version of "ugh" or "why," then you might want to rethink your routine, especially if you're trying to be more fit. It can be as simple as finding a motivational morning mantra to start the day — one that gets you up and feeling ready to run.

Because let's be honest for a second. We all know how difficult it is to climb out of a warm, comfy bed in the morning. But getting up to exercise? That's way harder. The first few weeks of getting fit are often full of struggle and strife (read: soreness), as well as a lack of energy. So a motivational morning mantra is definitely necessary for those bleak morning hours.

Once you've made the decision to work out — be it for your physical health, mental health, or all of the above — the second hardest part often lies in not giving up. That's why acceptance, patience, and some self-love can go a long way in making mornings a little less "ugh."

With that in mind, here are some inspiring morning mantras from fitness and health gurus to get you out of bed, and on with your day. Keep in mind that "fit" is a completely relative term. You know when you're feeling your healthiest and most energized, and that's exactly what these people are experts on.

1. "I am capable..."

Like I said above, waking up early to exercise kind of sucks. I reached out to Nicole Martinez, Ph.D., LCPC, via email for a good, motivating morning mantra. Martinez suggested, "I am capable of what I am willing to work for." It's quite the nice reminder, especially in the early hours of the morning (and the early stages of working out).

2. "Love yourself..."

No matter you mood, make it a point to show yourself a little love in the morning. In fact, do one better and be extra loving towards yourself all day, just like NYC fitness guru Nicole Winhoffer. Winhoffer's daily mantra is "Love Yourself." And in an email to Bustle, she explains why it's the mantra she uses at the end of her fitness classes, saying, "I exercise feelings, body, and mind in NW Method in a fun, sexy way that puts women in touch with their innermost selves." Sounds pretty loving to me.

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3. "This lifts my mood..."

Remember, fitness isn't the only benefit of working out. Taking good care of your body also has a ton of mental health benefits. That's why starting the day with a quick reminder can make all the difference. In an email to Bustle, licensed clinical psychologist Kim Chronister suggests you tell yourself, "Exercise is the first line of treatment for depression. Nothing lifts my mood better than a hard workout." Couldn't agree more.

4. "This provides me balance..."

A good morning routine can also provide balance in pretty much every aspect of your life. As yoga teacher and author Dr. Sara Gottfried says in an email to Bustle, "I practice yoga every morning to live longer, love better, laugh louder, keep my mind clear, and prevent the most common health concerns that we all face." Dr. Gottfried suggests taking a few moments after waking up to do some yoga, deep breathing, or meditation. "Yoga provides me the balance of work and play, of mindfulness and escape, and of relaxation and challenge," she says.

5. "Have patience..."

Patience seems like the number one thing that separates people who succeed in getting fit, and those who don't. That's because exercise is painful, and sometimes super boring. But sticking to your guns is key. So when it comes to patience, professional coaches Marc and Angel Chernoff suggested the following mantra on their website "Two things, more than anything else, define you daily: Your patience when you are struggling, and your attitude when you are not." Definitely a good thing to keep in mind.

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6. "I'll do what makes me comfortable..."

Not to keep reminding you, but working out is hard. And that's why you should be willing to give yourself a break. As Winhoffer says, "Do what makes you feel comfortable — don’t think and don’t worry. I think people get nervous from watching my videos of class on Instagram because everyone looks good. But it’s important to know that everyone comes from all fitness levels and sizes. Getting to that point takes time, and everyone moves at their own pace."

7. "I will make progress..."

Keep in mind that it's all about the progress, and not exactly about your end goals — whatever they may be. You should tell yourself, "Today I will make progress towards my goals," Martinez says. Whether that means taking one flight of steps, or running a few extra blocks, you can totally do it.

8. "Forward progress..."

This is a really good one for running, especially since trudging onward tends to be the worst part about it. And that's why a little nudge — even if it's just mental — can be entirely necessary. Jamie King, founder and president of Fit Approach, says to herself, "Forward progress. Just keep moving," according to Lori Majewski on the health blog It may be just what you need to jog on, or simply get out of bed.

9. "I am content..."

Lots of people get on the ol' workout bandwagon because they don't like themselves. And while exercise can help you feel better, self-hatred shouldn't be your driving force. Martinez suggests telling yourself, "There is no greater goal than being content with myself." After all, that's the main goal — everything else is just a bonus.

10. "Discipline is..."

This one is some real talk for people who truly want motivation. According to Alyssa Longobucco on Self, "Discipline is just choosing between what you want now, and what you want most." Kind of harsh, but oh so very true.

11. "I have a a vision..."

A morning mantra can be all about envisioning your day, and what you want from life. As Winhoffer says, "Have a vision, don’t let anyone tell you no. Keep at it every single day until you are living your vision." It can really be as easy as that.

12. "I am..."

Sometimes a good morning mantra is as simple as two words — "I am." The effects of these words, however, are far from small. As Jillian Grabarczyk said on, "Let the joy of being alive fill you from your fingers to your toes. Try 'I am' when you first wake up to pass harmony into your day and into the world." Hopefully this mantra will take you from your early morning workouts, throughout the rest of the day, with the greatest of ease.

Because that's what this is all about, anyway. A good morning mantra, whether it be to motivate your workout or your workday, is a pretty good way to start your day.

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