'Marian' May Give Margot Robbie A Change Of Pace

by Allie Gemmill
Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I've always loved Margot Robbie, but now something tells me I'm just going to love her that much more. If the current reports have even a grain of truth to them, Robbie may star in Marian, an spec script currently being put into production and set to be a Game of Thrones-meets-Braveheart, as Deadline is currently likening it. This could be just the right project to help boost Robbie back into the good graces of audiences everywhere, especially after the minor disaster that was Suicide Squad. Robbie was arguably the one bright spot in the antihero action flick; she deserves to put those action film talents to good use, like in Marian.

Speaking of Marian, what's the deal with this film? According to Deadline, the plot for Marian is as follows:

Marian is based on the character from the Robin Hood folklore. Here’s the storyline: After a conspiracy to conquer England in which the love of her life Robin Hood dies before her eyes, Marian picks up the cause to lead her people into a pivotal war. She comes to power, charging into a battle that will not only decide the fate of the kingdom but will see her don the mantle of the man she loved. In the process, she rises as a legend herself.

Robin Hood lore gets a feminist remix? Sign me right on up, fam.

Even to those faintly familiar with the world of Robin Hood, you'll know that Maid Marian, a.k.a. Robin Hood's bae, is the prototypical damsel-in-distress. In traditional renderings of the character, Marian is written as purely a love interest and often an average woman. 16th century versions peg her as a shepherdess and by the 17th century, she had morphed into some version of a noblewoman. Whatever her social status, Marian was typically written as the personification of softness, femininity, and gentility, thus making any harm that would befall her a direct threat to Robin Hood.

Marian, it seems, wants to put those silly old stereotypes to bed once and for all. Robbie has proved herself a more than capable hero in her own right in previous films, including Suicide Squad and Focus, so I for one am very stoked that she gets to really flex her hero muscles without juggling the duties of objectified love interest in the process.

Show 'em how it's done, queen.