Margot Robbie's New TV Series Spotlights WWII's Feminist Heroes & It's Badass AF

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Academy Award-nominated actress Margot Robbie has gone from strength to strength over the past few years thanks to critically acclaimed performances both in front of and behind the camera in films such as I, Tonya. And now it seems the Australian native is ready to show off her skills once again in a new TV series. That's right, Margot Robbie's producing a series about female WWII codebreakers.

The 28-year-old actress, who starred in the new historic biopic Mary Queen of Scots alongside Saoirse Ronan, co-owns production company LuckyChap Entertainment and, according to the Radio Times, she is going full-steam ahead with its new WWII show. Speaking in more detail about the TV project, Robbie told the Radio Times:

"I’m only really finding out the most fascinating things about history now that we have a production company. We're finding these projects and I’m learning all these things. It's like, 'So why is this not in the history books?'"

Robbie then continued: "The things women did in the Second World War were incredible. We have a TV project (in development) about female codebreakers who shaved two years off the war. Never heard of any of them, or the women of the SOE [Special Operations Executive]. I would have loved to hear about that in class."


Based on what has been revealed about the show, it is assumed that it will feature the female codebreakers of Bletchley Park, who were an essential part of many wartime intelligence breakthroughs. As reported by the Radio Times, their story has previously been portrayed in the ITV drama The Bletchley Circle, but the work of the SOE remains very much under the radar, as it was a secret government organisation. The SEO was devoted to "espionage, sabotage and resistance," and over 3,000 women were involved in its work, the Radio Times reports.

Robbie also opened up to the Radio Times about what it is like to be at the helm of a major production company, and talked about what motivated her to start the company in the first place:

"I wasn't seeing many scripts where I wanted to play the female role — I always wanted to play the male role. The female roles are always a catalyst for the male story, and that's unsatisfying. So I was like, 'Well, we'll start making our own films, because we can’t just sit around forever and wait for them to come along.'"

Robbie's production company has already enjoyed massive success with the box-office hit I, Tonya, which was only LuckyChap's second project, according to the Radio Times. When discussing her role in the Tonya Harding biopic, Robbie said: "No one was going to give me that role. I don’t even know if anyone was going to make that script. So you have to start a production company and do it."

The Suicide Squad star's next major project will be a live-action film about Barbie and, according to the BBC, Robbie will play the iconic fashion doll herself in a film that promises to bring Barbie to life in a completely unprecedented way. She's also due to star in a Harley Quinn spin off, as the Telegraph reports.