Mariah Carey & Her Son Perform The Greatest "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Version Yet — VIDEO

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Like the rest of us, Mariah Carey's son — Moroccan Scott Cannon — happens to be a fan of a little-known holiday classic from the '90s, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Though, not just any rendition of the classic: the specific version his mother released in 1994, aeons before this soon-to-be star was even born. I say "soon-to-be star" because after this video of Carey's son Moroccan lip-syncing "All I Want For Christmas Is You," it's painstakingly obvious that the kid has his mom's stage presence in his veins.

Carey captioned the festive video, "Merry Christmas everybody! I'm making my favorite sauce and I hope you're enjoying the Yuletide cheer!" While the singer moves about the kitchen and stirs said sauce (in a red silk get-up that I can't totally discern, but am envious of nonetheless), her son prepares for the insofar greatest performance of his 5.5-year-old life.

The best part about this — besides I don't know, all of it — is the props. At first, Cannon is holding a stuffed gingerbread man. Then he switches it out for what appears to be a see-through Santa. With a scarf? Doesn't matter. The significant thing is that he understands his angles and the importance of interactive theatre. Watch it below and just try (no really try, I dare you) to not sing along yourself.

There have been many covers of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," but certainly none like this. A version wherein Carey sings over Carey while Carey's spawn sings over both of them. The layers are unfathomable. The only thing missing from the scene is Moroccan's twin sister, Monroe. Think about how incredible it would have been if she sashayed in at the end there, dressed like her mom in the original video. With snow and everything. Wait. Unless she's the one filming all of this? If so, these are some talented children.


She might not as interested in pop superstardom as she was in the '90s, but Carey better watch out. If her son Cannon decides to record this, he might surpass the current reigning queen of Christmas pop. Crazier things have happened.