Mark Ruffalo Didn't Know He Survived 'Infinity War' Until He Saw The Movie — Seriously

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more secretive than the last. And after 10 years, no film was as secretive as Avengers: Infinity War and the film's upcoming followup, Avengers: Endgame. Plot twists and endings are so secretive, in fact, that some of the actors aren't even kept up to date with what will happen to their own characters. In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo revealed that he filmed a Hulk death scene for Infinity War and wasn't sure if he survived or not until he saw the film at the premiere. It was a decoy of sorts to really put a stamper on whether he'd be able to spoilt. Because he couldn't, considering he had no inkling to which was the real ending.

At an Avengers: Endgame press junket in early April, Ruffalo admitted that he was just as clueless as the audience about how the last movie would end. “I didn’t know until I saw the movie,” he told Yahoo Movies. “For one take, I did disappear, and then the other one I didn’t." As you hopefully know already (if you haven't seen Infinity War, stop reading now), Bruce Banner/The Hulk wasn't one of the heroes that turned to dust at the end of the movie. He, along with the five original Avengers — Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye — and a few other lucky heroes, survived, while a ton of fan favorites and newcomers did not.

“I was pretty sure it was gonna be me,” Ruffalo said. “It’s like Survivor. It’s like, who’s gonna get kicked off the island? And I probably should’ve. … It’s like Project Runway for leakers.” The actor has been known to let lose a spoiler or two — he infamously accidentally streamed the first 20 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok on Instagram Live. And it seems he was worried that Marvel Studios might get their revenge on his misstep by turning his character into dust. He may have survived, but making him film multiple endings to Infinity War certainly prevented him from spoiling the ending before the movie was released.

That said, he still managed to let a few details slip. During the Infinity War press tour in July of 2017, Ruffalo appeared to give away the whole ending to the movie in an interview with Good Morning America. At around the 2:15 mark, you can clearly see him about to say "half" before he settled with "everybody dies." Smooth, but perhaps not smooth enough.

It's no wonder Ruffalo said that he was asked to film five different endings for Endgame to ensure he wouldn't let any spoilers slip. "I don't know what's gonna happen," Ruffalo told E! News. "I shot, like, five different endings to this movie. I didn’t even get a whole script to this movie. And I don’t know why. The script I did get had dummy scenes in it."

Mark Ruffalo has a bad track record when it comes to leaking Marvel secrets, but he wouldn't be The Hulk if he didn't. And lucky for him, Marvel's gotten creative with ways to keep all their secrets locked up tight, so hopefully he doesn't have to worry about accidentally revealing things he shouldn't. He just has to worry about whether Bruce Banner will survive the Endgame.