Marnie Taught Us All A Lesson In Happiness During The 'Girls' Finale

by Allie Gemmill
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

There was one legitimately hilarious moment during the half-hour-long reality check known as the Girls finale and it made the entire episode truly amazing. The moment in question was Marnie masturbating in the Girls finale, then getting caught, and the entire thing becoming a teaching moment for us all. It also humanized Marnie and made us see that despite being in a newer, calmer phase of domestic life while helping to raise Grover, a little personal time was all Marnie needed. And boy, she needed it badly.

That personal time came in the form of Donovan, the personal trainer from Weehawken, New Jersey, who like to Facetime Marnie in a sexy way. It appeared to be an ongoing thing because Marnie and Donovan had already worked out a sexual fantasy where he was a pilot and she was an Englishwoman on board, helping another passenger get his, er, oxygen. Yeah, let's go with that.

Naturally, that kind of sexy moment called for Marnie actually masturbating while it happened because, well, let's be real: You're not going to put on an English accent and narrate a scenario without treating yourself, are you? It was delightful, relatable, and made Marnie all the more likable. What was even better, though, was Loreen walking in on Marnie, then watching Marnie toss her phone and try to shut off her vibrator, and Loreen just walking away smiling.

Mark Schafer/HBO

Even though Marnie tried to play it off like nothing was happening, it opened up the floor for Loreen to remind Marnie that she needed to find her own happiness right now, too. Even though Marnie put on a good show by saying she didn't need to be happy — thinking instead that she only needed to be there for Hannah and Grover — Loreen's advice was so real. In that moment, single woman to single woman, Loreen spoke the truth about making time for yourself and finding your bliss. Marnie can be there for her friend and her friend's baby and also get a little action. They're not mutually exclusive. Sometimes us women have to put ourselves ahead of others and we need to come first... literally. After all, we're not good to anyone else in our lives if we're also miserable. To put it in plane terms as Marnie seems fond of, you have to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others. The mask in this case just happens to be an orgasm.

It looked like Marnie had been putting it off for a little while; this was just the push she needed. I'm hoping that Marnie does remember to make time to find happiness whenever possible going forward. She definitely deserves it.