'Married To Medicine' Season 5 May Happen, It Just Depends On Who You Ask

Peter Kramer/Bravo

Married to Medicine is one of Bravo's underrated gems, and for being marooned on Friday nights, it's still delivering an almost too personal look at the lives of women in Atlanta who are all involved with the medical community, either as doctors themselves or because they are married to... you get it. But after it's fourth and possibly most dramatic season yet comes to an end, will Married to Medicine return for Season 5? As of right now, it depends on who you ask. Usually, casts play coy along until the network is ready to make an announcement, but that's not what the Married to Medicine ladies have been doing.

According to a Facebook Live video Mariah posted a few weeks before the season finale, she believes the show is returning for Season 5, answering with a decisive "yes" when asked by a viewer. Mariah, in addition to being one of the cast members on the show, is also a producer, so it's possible she had some information that the other cast members do not. But in a different Facebook Live video, she jokes that "I’m the last to know everything. I’m only the EP and creator, they don’t tell me nothing," when asked if she's going to be back and if she knows when Season 5 will begin filming. Dr. Jackie, Toya, and Simone also referenced the show returning, though in less definite, more joking terms.

The history of the series on Bravo is strangely mixed. The fourth season was delayed for over a full year, but then the show was ultimately brought back for another season and even given a spinoff, Married to Medicine: Houston. Season 5 of Married to Medicine was originally paired with Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, netting ratings more than quadruple the series' usual, according to TV By the Numbers. But after being moved to Fridays, the show regressed to its usual, smaller ratings somewhere between 0.3 and 0.7 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic. But Bravo must have expected that the show would suffer a bit when moved there, and after Season 4's similar ratings, the show was eventually renewed. So there may be a delay in store, but it's very possible that Married to Medicine will be back a year from now.

Ultimately, the decision about whether or not Married to Medicine will return for Season 5 belongs to Bravo. But until the network makes an official announcement one way or the other, the word of the stars (and executive producer) are the best hope fans have that the series will be back next year.