'MTM: Houston' Doesn't Have A Prognosis Yet

by Kayla Hawkins
Bob Levey/Bravo

The first season of Married to Medicine: Houston was a testament to just how crazy the life of a doctor can be, and showed that no amount of medical degrees can make a group of friends get along. And while the show didn't have quite as many classic moments as the original MTM's first season, it was a solid debut, so will Married to Medicine Houston return for Season 2? Bravo has yet to announce whether the spinoff is renewed or cancelled, but I'd say there's a pretty good chance it will come back. The network isn't quick to cancel series, especially spinoffs. Think of Below Deck Mediterranean earlier this year, which also had a solid, if somewhat unremarkable, debut season and managed to snag a Season 2 renewal soon after the finale aired.

Married To Medicine: Houston's Friday night time slot should also work in its favor. Bravo tends to anchor Sunday nights with a big show, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is on its ninth season, but when the original Married to Medicine premiered its fourth season earlier on Sunday, Nov. 6, Bravo decided to put the Houston spinoff on the following Friday, which is a less competitive night.

Hopefully, Bravo will want to keep a reliable franchise on Friday nights and choose to bring Married To Medicine: Houston back, but while you're waiting to find out about its future, here are a few other reality shows you can catch up on.

Married To Medicine

If you like the spinoff, you should love the original. However, less of the women on Married To Medicine are doctors themselves, so it is less about the contrast between their work and home lives and more about just how hard it is for this group to be in a room together without fighting.

Timber Creek Lodge

This show isn't officially a spinoff from the Below Deck series, but it has the same general premise: a group of ski lodge employees are surrounded by luxury, but must work long hours in service of the guests instead of vibing and imbibing. However, since this cast isn't marooned on a boat, they can do more relatable things, like be obsessed with Tinder.

Mariah's World

Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal

This show has little to do with Married to Medicine: Houston, but it's a fantastic reality show. Mariah's devotion to laying down, wearing nothing but pantyhose and lingerie, and letting her manager Stella play bad cop while she gets to be the good guy, is amazing.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The new season just started on Dec. 6, and it's already another classic. There are power squabbles between the two Lisas, plenty of Erika Jayne's shamelessness, and new cast member Dorit Kemsley is already making a strong first impression.

Vanderpump Rules

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

RHOBH's spinoff might be the high point for reality television, because at this point, Vanderpump Rules is so addictive that it's pretty much everyone's not-so-guilty pleasure.

Untold Stories Of The E.R.

If, by chance, you tune into MTM:Houston for the medicine instead of the interpersonal drama, then check out this long-running reenactment series about the craziest things E.R. doctors have ever experienced.

No matter what aspect of Married to Medicine: Houston is your favorite, you should be able to find another reality series to watch while waiting to find out if the show is returning for a second season.