May Full Moon Will Help Every Zodiac Sign Embrace Their True Spirit

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The end of May is no doubt an exciting time. There are Memorial Day celebrations to attend, not to mention a general buzz of anticipation as we prepare for an amazing summer ahead. And while a full moon is hardly unique to the month of May (in case you missed it, there is, in fact, a full moon more or less every month), the May flower moon does have some spiritual meanings that set it apart from those we see at other times of year.

Not familiar with the phrase "flower moon?" The annual May full moon is so named because of its association with a time of, well, flowers! Per Time and Date, Native Americans in centuries gone by observed the arrival of flowers like anemone, wild garlic, indigo, bluebells, lupine, sundrops, violet, and others at roughly the same time as this full moon, which they started referring to accordingly. Like the fall harvest moon and the winter frost moon, this one honors the natural world and the beautiful seasonality of our environment with its nickname.

This year's flower moon will rise on May 29, according to While it will be technically full at 10:19 a.m. EST — a time when many of us here in the U.S. would expect to see a bright daylight sky — it will also appear full when it rises later that night.

With those facts in place, it's time to get spiritual! Here are a few of the deeper meanings associated with the May 2018 full flower moon.

High Time For Magic

According to The Moonlight Shop, full moons are typically known for creating periods of high energy, but the flower moon is an especially ripe time for energy of the magical variety. If you're interested in tangible symbols of your spiritual practice like stones or crystals, the May full moon is a great opportunity to use them, whether you're casting spells of abundance or seeking guidance on the next big step in your life.


The month of May is generally associated with high fertility, per ThoughtCo, and given the flower moon's magical qualities, some people believe that the day of the full moon is especially advantageous for people who are trying to get pregnant. Harness the full power of the May moon by investigating fertility rituals and testing them out before you get busy.

Stepping Into Your True Power

Per Studio Amirah, the May flower full moon is a prime moment to step into the power of your own beauty. Gather your confidence and own it!

Growth And Personal Understanding

Like the blossoming flowers after which it's named, The Moonlight Shop notes that the May full moon symbolizes gradual growth... but for humans! Use this time to gather energy from the sun and moon and to reflect on the parts of your inner self that you tend to ignore. The more you can be aware of those parts, the more you can do to incorporate them into your best self. The flower moon is a great time to work on that!


Many of us know May 1 as "May Day," but the occasion is also called Beltane, according to ThoughtCo. The special day has been celebrated by many cultures throughout human history, and the month of May as a whole is often referred to as "Beltane season." Per ThoughtCo, the Beltane season — including the full moon on May 29 — is all about abundance in its many forms. Embrace a spirit of welcoming more.

Letting Go

Like all full moons, May's flower moon presents us with a great opportunity to consider the things in our lives that don't serve us anymore... and to promptly let go of them. Studio Amirah notes that the May 29 moon will make you feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to move forward without the things that usually drag you down.