Aries, Here's Your May 2020 Horoscope

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May 2020 Horoscope: Aries
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Aries, there is a significant pull for you to tighten your boundaries within your social circle. Aquarius in Mars has been rapidly making their way through your house of goals, aspirations, and your inner circle, challenging you to “grow up” in those areas of your life. On May 10, Saturn the planet of boundaries and structure begins its retrograde journey backward into your house of legacy and career. This is a call to action to really consider what it is that you want and who you’re working to become. While your ability to live in the moment is admirable, with Mars entering your house of self-undoing, dreams, and imprisonment, it’s important that you practice radical acceptance during this time. You may not be able to control your surroundings, but you do have the power to find peace.

What May 2020 Has In Store For Aries' Relationships

What an unusual time to fall in love and it’ll become even more “interesting” depending on how you communicate with your partner. Gemini inVenus is lighting up your house of self-expression, siblings, and short-distance travel, meaning that now is a wonderful time to draw your attention, and potentially even your fulfillment from those areas of your life. A follow-up from your Zoom birthday party could be a virtual family reunion organized by you! Whether or not you invite your biological siblings or chosen family, it’s important for you to begin recognizing your support system. Leaning into those close to you can inspire “short trips” of the mind, especially because on May 13, Venus, aka the planet of love and pleasure, will turn retrograde and encourage you to really reflect on your familial and familial-like relationships.

Tarot Card of the Month

The Moon: All will be revealed in time, but for now focus on what you can see.

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