May's Reality Is Tested On 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D'

Thank Valkyrie, it looks like this national Hydra nightmare will actually end at some point. I'm not just talking about Tripp being back, either! May rescues Daisy on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from her Hydra holding cell, and also forces her through terrigenesis a second time. Quake has officially entered the Framework, y'all. Also, can May keep taking super soldier serum? That was incredible.

May doesn't seem to have all of her memories back. She hasn't quite snapped out of this alternate reality. However, she doesn't seem to be on Hydra's side anymore either, and that is a start. I also prefer Hydra May to Robot May, honestly. At least she isn't trying to seduce Coulson under false pretenses. After a failed attempt at capturing Coulson, Mace, Simmons, Ward, and Tripp at Hydra's "Enlightenment Center," May seems to have a crisis of faith in both the organization she's working for and the very reality she's living.

I have to say, I kind of hate this show for bringing the name "Skye" back after I'd finally gotten used to calling ol' Mary Sue Poots by her given name, Daisy. It's jarring, I'm already saying the wrong name half the time, and it also makes me question the research that Aida and Radcliffe put into this Framework. How did they know about that name? What a pair of creepers.

I'm also not psyched about the possibility that Lincoln is alive, and allegedly waiting for Daisy somewhere per Madame Hydra's orders. What does Aida want with Daisy and Jemma's location in the real world? My bet is she's looking for Yo-Yo.

Suffice to say, I'm glad that May is helping Daisy out now, and seems like less of an Inhuman-phobe already. Unless this is some kind of trap. I have to consider that possibility, though I don't think this is what's happening. Coulson hit on something with May, and seeing those kids that Hydra was holding didn't hurt. Fingers crossed that May and Daisy will take down the Triskellion together, and May will remember who she is before long. I couldn't think of a more appropriate pair.