Drink Ideas For Your May The Fourth Party


If the Millenium Falcon is your spirit home, chances are you're going to be celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4. And if you're having a party, you're definitely going to want to know about some amazing May the Fourth drink ideas — because let's be real, what's a party without thematic drink specials? Your guests will be counting on them!

Luckily, Star Wars fans are so widespread and committed to their filmic love, there are loads of quirky, on-brand recipes floating around the internet, waiting to make an appearance at a geek party near you. So, instead I've done the thinking for you and put together a few drink ideas that will help your guests to feel like they're fully immersed into the Star Wars vibe. Plus, they're drinks that are actually pretty good — so if you see something blue, don't be too concerned. I wouldn't suggest something that I wouldn't enjoy myself.

You don't want to get too crazy, because if the drinks are gross or give your guests sugar headaches or upset stomachs, your party is obviously going to be a major bust. So play it safe with these movie-themed drinks, perfect to service with light bites, snacks, and pizza (IDK, what doesn't go with pizza tho, TBH?)

Bantha Milk

Bantha milk, aka Tatooine milk, is a blue liquid produced by a female bantha's mammary glands. Because no banthas are available to participate in this recipe, try this: in a tall milk glass, mix together some Blue Curacao, some milk (whatever kind you like), and splash of rum.


A tall, white soldier of a drink, the Stormtrooper tastes like a sweet tropical storm. In a tall glass, mix together coconut rum, coconut water and a splash of coconut milk for coloring.

Yoda Float

This is really more like a dessert, but to celebrate the green goodness that is Yoda, pour yourself a tall class of milk, add as much Kahlua as you like and then top it off with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Obviously this drink is going to be dark as night. To be served in a martini glass, mix together black rum, a splash of creme de cacao, and shake with ice. If you want it to be darker, add one drop of natural black food coloring.


Not that princesses need be pink, but this peachy-colored cocktail will stand out just like Princess Leia did. In a champagne flute, mix together champagne or prosecco, add a splash of orange juice and peach juice, and then garnish with strawberry.

Death Star

What's the Death Star of the drink world? Definitely the Long Island Iced Tea. Amirite? In a tumbler glass, add one large ice cube to a Long Island Iced Tea drink of your own mixing.

BB8's Bourbon

A tumbler of bourbon with a splash of bitters and a burnt orange rind is all it takes. It's bitter, it's sweet, and it's got a sense of humor.

The Lost Lightsaber

May the alcoholic force be with you. Remember Hpnotiq? Yeah, put two ounces of that over ice and fill to top with soda water. There you have your bold, blue, and powerful Jedi drink — just be sure to return it to Luke after you find your way out of Maz Kanata's basement, K?