Meghan Is Using Eucalyptus-Infused Paint In Her Nursery & Its Benefits Can Be Huge

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It's a very exciting time for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, with their baby due later this year. And while the pair have been out and about, off on royal engagements, they have reportedly also been very busy decorating their nursery and new home in Frogmore Cottage, Windsor. From gilded pianos to the most luxurious sets of fluffy visitor towels, I can only imagine the level of boujee-ness going on in that house right now. And, as The Sun recently reported, true to her animal-friendly lifestyle, Meghan Markle is using vegan paint to decorate.

Yep, that's right, word on the street is that Markle is so committed to her plant-based regime (she is strictly vegan during the week, The Sun reports), she has opted for vegan paint. According to the newspaper, this kind of paint avoids the milk and beeswax prevalent in ordinary paints. It also means they haven't been tested on animals, which remarkably, some other versions are. Now that is pretty damn shocking.

According to The Sun, Markle has chosen to use a "vegan paint infused with eucalyptus and rosemary oils," rather than a bog-standard version. The paint is odourless, vegan, non-toxic and eco-friendly, and comes from Organic & Natural Paint Co. The benefits of eucalyptus and rosemary oil are numerous.

According to Medical News Today, the former has "antimicrobial properties" and can be used to treat respiratory problems, while Aboriginal communities used it to treat wounds, Australian Geographic reports. As for rosemary, according to Medical News Today it has been used in medicine since ancient times, and as Healthline reports may improve brain function, ease stress, and stimulate hair growth (so baby Sussex should have some seriously bountiful locks, then).

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Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed:

"Meghan has been looking long and hard at paints for the Sussex nursery. Rather than opt for fashionable Farrow and Ball paint in favoured shades such as Wevet, Peignoir and Pavilion Grey and Salmon, the Sussexes are much in favour of The Organic & Natural Paint Co’s Auro range for the nursery."

Organic & Natural Paint Co. even specialises in providing paint options for pregnant mums who are decorating their nurseries, with a whole page dedicated to it on their website. "We all want the best start for our loved ones, and making the switch from your standard toxin overload petrochemical high street paints is a very wise decision," the page reads.

But is it actually important to make the switch when pregnant from traditional paint to vegan paint? And can the toxins and fumes actually harm unborn babies? The NHS shares the following advice, suggesting painting while pregnant is actually fairly safe:

"It's highly unlikely that painting or being around paint fumes while you're pregnant will harm your unborn baby, as the risk from most modern household paints is very low."

They do state, however, the solvent-based paints and old paintwork may be harmful, as they may contain traces of lead. The NHS also offers options that may reduce any risk, such as waiting until later in a pregnancy to start painting, making sure the room is ventilated, and wearing protective clothing.

Whether it's necessary or not, The Duchess Of Sussex has taken the vegan route, and by the sounds of things, it's not the only home renovation choice she has taken recently. According to The Sun, everything is set to be childproofed, and an eco boiler will be installed. The boiler is said to be worth £50,000. Woah.