Here’s What Meghan Markle’s Thank You Cards Look Like — And How You Can Copy Them

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Clive Mason/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I always assumed that one day I would grow into the kind of person who thinks to send thank you cards to people who attend her birthday party. The kind of person who not only writes thank you cards, but who also sends them out in a timely manor. But alas... I never became that person. I became the kind of person who doesn't own stationary, doesn't collect stamps, and doesn't even know the proper way to send a letter in a physical mailbox. I became the kind of person who sends a "thank you" text message with a few emojis and hopes that will suffice. But you know two people who are the type of person I one day hoped to be? Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, who both send out thank you cards that are total classy life inspo.

When one thinks of the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge, one thinks of grace, warmth and elegance. But one also thinks of the fact that they are literally two of the busiest people in the world, constantly moving from charity event to social engagement to public appearance. And one certainly thinks of the fact that they're royals, so no one is expecting them to send out thank you cards. But when Meghan Markle received an outpouring of love upon turning 37, and when Kate Middleton received an equal heap of well wishes upon announcing Prince Louis's arrival, their royal houses replied to many of the messages with perfectly classy thank you cards that are quickly making their way to social media.

Needless to say these are not the kinds of thank you cards that you throw away after reading. These aren't even the kind of thank you cards that do a magnetic stint on the refrigerator. These are the kinds of thank you cards that get mounted and framed and hung up on a wall — they're a royal novelty, to say the least.

If this instance of royal chivalry inspires you to become the kind of person who sends thank you cards, too, it's better late than never. Here are a few classy AF ways to send thank you cards:

A Personalized Postcard Like Meghan & Kate

Modern Floral

Funky Geo Thank You Card

Embossed Thank You Cards

Foil-Decorated Thank You Cards

Vintage Vibe Thank You Cards

Classy Thank You Cards