The Queen Just Gave Meghan & Harry A Housewarming Gift That Is (Literally) Priceless

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From what I can tell, it seems like moving out can be pretty stressful. I wouldn't know, because I'm still living in my childhood home with my fam. But that hasn't stopped me from stalking around the aisles and fake apartments of IKEA, dreaming of my future abode. Just me? Well, one couple that definitely isn't going to IKEA for decor ideas is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And why would they? I mean, the Queen has just gifted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle several pieces of priceless art for their new Windsor home. That's got to be better than a Billy bookcase (just).

According Vanity Fair, the Queen invited the couple to choose artwork from her collection as a housewarming gift. "Meghan and Harry have been told they can choose some artwork for Frogmore Cottage," a palace insider told the magazine. "They have been presented with a list of paintings that would be available to them and they are making up their minds as to what they would like to hang in their new home." Prince William and Kate Middleton were also given the opportunity to choose artwork from the collection after their wedding, the magazine reports.

If you think it was easy for either royal couple to choose a few priceless pieces of art for their home, think again. As Culture Trip reports, the Royal Art Collection is "the largest privately owned art collection in the world," and it's apparently worth around £10 billion. With the collection featuring works from the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Andy Warhol, and Sir Anish Kapoor, it's safe to say that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a lot of masterpieces to choose from.

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Megan is reported to be an avid collector of contemporary art, according to The Art Gorgeous, and her collection is always growing. One of her favourite pieces is a nude figure study by New York artist and fashion illustrator Inslee Fariss. The artist mentioned the piece's connection to Megan in an Instagram post, where she also revealed that the piece is displayed in the Duke and Duchess' spare bedroom.

While it's more difficult to guess which artists Harry is an admirer of, the Prince did purchase a piece back in 2016 by Van Donna at London's Walton Fine Arts Gallery titled "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love." Harry bought it for Markle while the couple were dating, according to The Art Gorgeous.

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And,if you can cast your mind back to 2016 — I know, it's weird how long ago that seems — the royal couple's first public visit after their engagement took place at the Nottingham Contemporary Exhibition Centre for a Worlds Aids Day event, the BBC reports. And for her first solo engagement after becoming a member of the royal family last September, Markle attended the opening of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, according to Hello.

So, it's pretty clear that art plays an important role in Megan and Harry's relationship, and being given a chance to choose several pieces of iconic, priceless art to hang in their family home from Harry's grandmother must be an overwhelming feeling.