Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Received A CHEESE Wedding Cake & It’s Going To Be The Trend Of 2018

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a cheese lover, you're going to have major FOMO when you see this five-tier wedding cake made out of cheese that was gifted to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. No, it's not their actual wedding cake — details about the official Royal Wedding cake are still on the hush hush — but it's pretty #goals-y all the same. The cake, gifted by the Snowdonia Cheese Company in North Wales, completely turns everything thought you knew about cheesecake on its head because this cake is made entirely out of cheese. According to Hello! magazine, some of the cheeses included in the cake included "Black Bomber, an extra mature cheddar; Red Storm, a vintage Red Leicester; Beechwood, a smoked cheddar; and Green Thunder, a cheddar with garlic and herbs."

The cake cheeseheads' dreams are made of was presented to the royal couple during their first official visit to Cardiff. "We made it for them. It's to celebrate their wedding and to offer our congratulations to them," Simon Mercer, a director of the cheese company, told Hello! Wales is known for its cheeses, and regularly hosts cheese festivals, so it's only natural that a cake made of cheese awaited the pair. And, when a region is known for its cheese, it's the obvious choice when deciding on a dish worthy of royalty.

"For the Royal visit to Cardiff of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there was only once choice for a display and we were proud to present the couple with a unique cheese wedding cake, created from some of our famous wax enrobed cheeses," the Snowdonia Cheese Company tweeted. "Upon seeing the cake Meghan was reported to say, 'Oh my goodness. How sweet is that?', adding that it was 'really delicious' after she took a bite."

The love for cheese is real, and upon seeing the picture of Markle and Prince Harry's cake, Twitter user Katherine Goodliff‏ tweeted: "I would get married just to have that cheese cake." And, honestly, same. Because, they had me at cheese.

Or, as the now-iconic parody of the Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" goes: "Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie. I cheddar the world and a Feta cheese. Everybody's looking for Stilton. Some cheese wants to be Bleu, too. Some cheese wants to be Buchette d'Anjou. Some cheese wants to be cubed. Some cheese will be braided by you ..."

Cakes made of cheese are trending right now, and Pinterest has pages of pinned cheese cakes that will inspire to create your own epic cake of cheese for your next get together. "These cakes are suitable for anyone who would prefer a [savory] cake or who would like a cheese course at their wedding in addition to the usual type of cake," House of Cheese in the UK noted on its website. "There is also a current trend for these [cheese] cakes and they appear to be increasing in popularity, judging by the number of cakes we have supplied and the amount of queries we have received."

The Food Network even has an easy-to-follow recipe so you can get your cheese cake on like a pro. Cheese is so popular in Wales that, historically, when couples parted ways, deciding who got the cheese was often a point of contention. "They’re so good they were once used as part of divorce settlements," the website noted. "Under the laws of Welsh ruler Hywel Dda, cheeses that were washed in brine went to the wife and cheeses that were hung up went to the husband."

In addition to being greeted by a cake made of cheese, Markle and Prince Harry were also treated to performances by musicians and poets and they were introduced to sportsmen and women, the BBC reported. However, entertainment and cheese weren't the only things the royal couple took part in.

"There is serious intent in these visits — there's the grandeur of a place like Cardiff Castle and then the more down to earth stuff at a leisure centre, involving sport and youngsters and social mobility, the stuff Harry cares about and wants to highlight everywhere he goes," Jonny Dymond, BBC royal correspondent, reported.

Despite train delays that made Markle and Prince Harry late to the castle, they were in good spirits. Perhaps because of the cheese. If you want to get cheesy like Markle and Prince Harry, the travel website Great Days UK offers a tour in South Wales that includes a visit to Caerphilly Castle where you'll be treated to an exclusive cheese (called caws in Welsh) tasting. Because, cheese!