Meghan Markle Is Taking A Major (& Majorly Intimidating) Step Forward In Her Royal Role

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The Duchess of Sussex is really getting into the swing of things with her royal duties. And one of her upcoming royal outings will see her join forces with the British monarch herself. As the royal family's website described, and as People reported, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth are going on an engagement together. This will mark both the Duchess' first royal outing without Prince Harry and her first solo one with the Queen.

On the official website for the royal family, their June 14 outing is listed under as one of the future engagements for the monarch. The description for the day's event details that the Duchess of Sussex will accompany her as the two head to Chester, which is around 200 miles from London. Based on the details, it appears that Markle and the Queen have a fun day in store for them in the English city.

According to the family's website, the royals will be on hand to unveil the Mersey Gateway Bridge in Widnes, Cheshire and will open the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester. They will also be treated to lunch in Chester Town Hall.

It will be totally cool to see the Duchess during yet another royal engagement, and a solo one with the Queen, no less. Markle's attendance at numerous upcoming engagements just proves that she's extremely dedicated to her new role as a member of the royal family.

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The former actor's June 14 outing won't be the first time that she's been at an event with the Queen. On April 21, Markle joined the rest of the royal family for Elizabeth's birthday celebration at Royal Albert Hall, per The Telegraph. The festivities included musical pieces from each decade of her reign and speeches from her grandsons, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge.

Prior to the April 21 celebration, Markle accompanied her new family to a couple of other events. As People reported, she made an appearance at Commonwealth Day on March 12. Her participation in the event was significant because it was her first official one (besides a previous, unofficial church service) with the Queen in attendance, as well. For comparison's sake, People noted that prior to her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton did not attend any public outings with the monarch. So, it the royal family was bucking a bit of tradition by welcoming Markle to the event.

As previously mentioned, her very first public outing with the Queen came during Christmas, per ABC News. At the event, royal watchers got their very first look at the Duchess of Sussex's curtsy to the head of the royal family, which she totally nailed (of course).

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The former Suits star is completely embracing her royal duties, as her many past and future engagements show. Besides her upcoming outing with the Queen, Markle is also expected to be at the Trooping of the Colour parade on June 9, per People. The Trooping of the Colour is an annual event celebrating Elizabeth's birthday and is one that sees the entire royal family in attendance.

So, it's safe to say that she'll be quite busy with all of her royal duties. The Duchess previously mentioned in her engagement interview with Harry that she was actually extremely excited about this aspect of her royal role. "I’m excited to really just get to know more about the different communities here, the smaller organizations who are working on the same causes that I have always been passionate about under this umbrella," she said. When her then husband-to-be said that he was thrilled with her becoming a member of the royal "team," she agreed and said that she was excited to make an impact on the causes she cares about, as well.

Seeing as though she's already attending many royal events and has many lined up, such as this upcoming outing with the Queen, it appears that the Duchess of Sussex is truly embracing all of those exciting duties that come with her new royal life.