Meghan Has Been Low-Key Stanning Prince Charles In The Sweetest Way On Tour

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Meghan Markle has been wearing some awesome jewellery over the course of the royal tour, from her jaw-dropping borrowed earrings at a Fiji state dinner through to a gorgeous pair of Princess Diana’s old butterfly studs. There’s one brand in particular I’ve noticed amongst Meghan Markle's royal tour jewellery however: a British brand called Pippa Small.

The fine jewellers have some cute AF stuff, but her love of the collection goes beyond just aesthetic reasons. It turns out her father-in-law Prince Charles actually works very closely with the brand through his charity Turquoise Mountain, so it’s a sweet, low-key way for the Duchess to throw her support behind him.

There have been too many outfit changes to count and a whole slew of designers that Meghan Markle has chosen to wear, however Pippa Small has remained one of her true-blues throughout the tour. The Turquoise Mountain foundation was created by both Prince Charles and President Hamid Karzai of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan back in 2006 as an effort to “invest in historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.” Since then, they’ve expanded their efforts to both Myanmar and other parts of the Middle East.

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Over twelve years, their artisans have made over £4.6 million in international craft sales through brands like Pippa Small, Ishkar, Christopher Farr, and more. The charity also ties into one of Prince Charles' biggest passion points not just at home but internationally —protecting historical sites — and they've also restored 150 buildings with proceeds from the foundation.

In fact, Pippa Small Jewellery and Turquoise Mountain go way back as according to the jeweller’s site they’re currently celebrating the partnership’s tenth anniversary. With two dedicated Turquoise Mountain lines available on their site, it’ll come as no surprise that many of Meghan Markle’s Pippa Small pieces actually come from the collections closest tied to her father-in-law.

One of my favourite Meghan Markle looks over the course of the entire tour was back in Fiji, when she stepped out in a badass yet sophisticated Jason Wu on day 10. Here she is, looking like she’s ready to change the world below. I know it’ll take a minute, but once you’ve managed to tear your eyes away from the dress — take a look at her jewellery.

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She’s wearing three pieces from Pippa Small, two of which come specifically from their Afghan Turquoise Mountain collection. Meghan wore the Omeen and Oshna bangles from the Afghan collection, while her stunning Gold Peepal Leaf earrings are from the main line.

In the past, she’s also opted for some of their more colourful pieces including their Kyanite Stud earrings and both the earrings and show-stopping ring from the Herkimer Diamond collection. The blue triple pendant necklace she was pictured wearing above is also from Pippa Small Jewellery and is called the Aquamarine Collette Cord Pendant, but (as is the Meghan Markle way) it's not available anymore.

Pippa Small was over the moon that Meghan Markle wore her pieces and said specifically of the bangles to People, "I’m so thrilled that she was wearing those bangles. Even though they were just simple bangles — they look incredibly chic on her of course — but it’s what’s behind them that is so utterly amazing."

The more you know, hey? Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family are major pros at saying a lot without saying much at all, so it’s lovely that she’s low-key stanning her father-in-law while on tour.

Here's the full range of available Pippa Small Jewellery Meghan has worn on tour below, with images of the Duchess rocking the pieces.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images