Meghan Markle's Trooping The Colour Outfit Needs To Tick SO Many Royal Boxes

by Lauren Sharkey
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Have you had enough of Meghan Markle yet? No? Good, because the newly appointed Duchess of Sussex is set to make her first big debut as part of the royal family this weekend. On June 9, it's reported that the newlywed will be taking part in the Trooping The Colour parade to mark the Queen's birthday. All eyes will naturally be on her first post-honeymoon outfit with eagle-eyed viewers watching to see if she has broken or stuck to the royal fashion rules Markle is supposed to follow.

In May, the former Suits actress shocked the nation when she stepped out in a pair of nude tights. (Apparently, you can't label yourself a feminist if you bend to the wishes of the royal family.) As demonstrated by the Duchess of Cambridge, bare legs is a big no no in royal circles. So it's out with the body moisturiser and in with the sheer hosiery.

Come Saturday, there will be a number of other royal fashion rules that Markle will have to stick to in order to please the Queen as she travels in a carriage and stands on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. These will include strict rules about headgear, dress length, and even the colour of her nails.

Here are the strict royal fashion rules Markle's outfit must abide by at the 2018 Trooping The Colour parade.


No Black

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Although Markle has donned full black outfits numerous times with Prince Harry, royals are banned from wearing the colour at formal events such as Trooping The Colour. This is because black is seen as the colour of mourning. In fact, according to The Independent, a travelling royal is expected to pack a black outfit just in case a senior member of the family dies unexpectedly.


No Short Hemlines

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When it comes to dresses, there are a number of rules that royal women must follow. Sleeveless designs are frowned upon along with anything that is deemed to be too short. For an official engagement like Trooping The Colour, knees should not be seen at all. (On other occasions, hemlines must be no higher than two inches above the knee.) The Queen also reportedly has weights sewn into her skirts and dresses to avoid any wind-related embarrassment.


No Bare Legs

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As previously mentioned, Markle caused a stir when she swapped her bare legs for a pair of nude tights. However, the Queen reportedly does not like members of her family to be seen with bare legs. Hence why Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen without hosiery. So expect both women to be wearing tights at the weekend.


No Trousers

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Markle has broken this royal rule countless times in the past few months. Although the Duchess of Cambridge only wears trousers for extremely casual events, the Duchess of Sussex favours them for more formal public outings. However, don't expect to see a perfectly tailored trouser suit during this weekend's parade. Unfortunately for Markle, members of the royal family reportedly must wear a dress.


Bright & Noticeable Colours

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During any large-scale public event, the royal family are expected to wear colours that can be seen from a mile off. They wouldn't want to disappoint the public now, would they? This colour rule explains why the Queen favours the likes of lime green and why the Duchess of Cambridge wore a bright pink outfit at last year's Trooping The Colour. Expect to see Markle in a similar get-up at the 2018 parade.


Natural Nails

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Markle seems to be au fait with this particular rule. For almost three decades, the Queen has worn a nude nail varnish. (Essie's Ballet Slippers if you're wondering.) It's a trend that has overtaken the entire royal family and has seen royal women throw out any colourful bottles and replace them with natural-looking shades.


No Flesh-Baring

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While Markle was free to wear whatever she liked during her time as an actress, her wardrobe choices are now expected to be a lot more modest. This means no low-cut necklines that threaten to reveal a particular body part and no tight garments either.


No Big Hats

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For any formal event, female members of the royal family are expected to wear a hat. However, the hat can't be so big that it covers their face from the hundreds of waiting cameras. And as soon as 6 p.m. hits, all hats must be removed and swapped for either a tiara or nothing at all. So expected a well-sized but not-excessive headpiece on Saturday.


Taking into account all of the above rules, it's clear than being a new royal is trickier than it look. So instead of criticising Markle's outfit this weekend, let's praise her for finding a look that somehow pleases everyone.