Melania Trump's Tweet About Women's History Month Didn't Go Over Well

With Women's History Month beginning on the first day of March, the first lady tweeted about the annual month-long celebration of women's contributions to modern-day society. In her Thursday tweet, Melania Trump praised Women's History Month, but Twitter couldn't help but see the irony of her remarks. For many users, Trump's support for the month had to be called out.

Trump tweeted, "March starts #WomensHistoryMonth, a time to celebrate the ways American women have historically changed [and] continue to shape our society. As we also recognize #RedCrossMonth, we see the result of one woman’s call to action through the humanitarian relief efforts of the @Redcross."

Trump isn't alone in expressing admiration for Women's History month; her husband, President Donald Trump, released a statement through the White House and said that his administration was working toward empowering women in both the private and professional sectors. POTUS said his presidency was "committed to creating conditions that empower women to achieve even more. Access to paid family leave and affordable, high-quality child care can help enhance women’s ability to participate in the labor force and improve the economic security of their families."

Shortly after the president's statement went up, some reacted to it by recalling how his track record on women's rights isn't exactly the most adequate in terms of feminist commitment. Similarly, Twitter users made sure that the first lady knew what they actually thought of her Women's History Month tweet.

1. What Have You Done For The Cause?

One Twitter user asked Trump what she had done in order to support women's rights since she became first lady of the United States.

2. Stop Pretending

"Stop pretending you care about American women," one Twitter user said.

3. A Spongebob Squarepants GIF To Get The Point Across

Another Twitter user shared a GIF from the Spongebob Squarepants show with "nothing" struck out on a to-do list.

4. Girl, Please

For some, a simple "girl, please" was enough to let Trump know that it was hard to believe her.

5. Did Melania Write This?

Some Twitter users found it hard to believe that the tweet praising Women's History Month actually came from the first lady herself. One Twitter user said that it was written by a staffer, not Trump herself.

6. Hard To Believe You

"You are definitely not in the position to lead the voice in women’s history month," one Twitter user responded to Trump's tweet.

7. Who Wrote This?

The question of who authored the tweet came up again. One Twitter user asked, "OK, Melania. Who really wrote this?"

8. Can You Say This Aloud?

One Twitter user responded to Trump's tweet by saying that she ought to share the same words out loud.

9. There's A Wave Coming

Another Twitter user responded to Trump's tweet by saying her husband, Donald Trump, has emboldened women throughout the country to take a stand for women's rights.

10. Just Staring

One Twitter user shared a staring GIF.

11. The Irony

One Twitter user just said that the irony in Trump's tweet could not be ignored.

12. "Leave"

"Please leave now. Just stop," another Twitter user implored.

13. What About Your Husband?

Several Twitter users brought up Trump's husband.

14. Once More: Who Wrote That?

Time and again, people wanted to know just who wrote Trump's tweet.

15. "OK"

In internet vernacular, "lol k" is the equivalent of "yeah, right, whatever" and this Twitter user let Trump know what they thought of her statement through the simple "lol k" response.

It's clear that a considerable number of Twitter users find it hard to put faith in Trump's words. The verdict seemed to be something like this: Back your words up with actual commitment.