Melania Trump Tweeted About Black History Month & Twitter Was Like, R U Kidding??

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

February is here, and so is Black History Month. On Thursday, the first day of Black History Month, Melania Trump's Twitter account commemorated the occasion by tweeting that it was time to unite "in a celebration of diversity," and, boy, did Twitter have some choice words for the first lady.

Trump tweeted from her official FLOTUS account, "Today marks the start of #BlackHistoryMonth. Let this be a time to come together in a celebration of diversity." Many Twitter users, however, were not happy about it. Most of the sentiment from disgruntled social media users was that Trump should focus on teaching her husband, President Donald Trump, a thing or two about Black History Month.

Historically, Black History Month is designated for a yearly observance of the lives of African-Americans in the United States of America. It goes back to 1926 when it was first created by scholar and historian Carter Woodson (you should check out at Tuesday's Google art dedicated to Woodson) so that the lives of black Americans could be remembered and celebrated.

Given the month's significance, some felt that Trump's tweet was hypocritical considering the insensitive commentary Donald Trump has made about Mexicans, Muslims, and African-Americans, including reports of the president describing African countries and El Salvador as "sh*tholes" (which the White House denies).

From letting Trump know that diversity has great benefits for human society to suggesting that she talk to her husband about racial diversity, Twitter wasn't exactly excited about the first lady's "yay diversity" tweet. But it sure had advice for her.

1. "Good One"

For one Twitter user, Trump's tweet was too hilarious to be true.

2. Thanks, Now Tell Your Husband

Another Twitter user simply said, "Please beat this message into your husband. He's the ring leaders of pretty much everyone who does not want to celebrate diversity."

2. What About Trump?

Another Twitter user asked if Trump would be joined by her husband in this "celebration of diversity" moment.

3. A Beyoncé GIF

If words didn't work, a Beyoncé GIF might. At least for this Twitter user.

4. This Response

"It's good," Twitter user Khary Penebaker wrote, "that you have social media people to post things like this. But your husband's actions run contrary to this sentiment."

5. The Hypocrisy Meter

It's a thing, and under Trump's tweet, for this user, it's at maximum level.

6. Pinocchio

Two steps ahead of a Beyoncé GIF is a Pinocchio GIF.

7. African-Americans As "Statistics"

Again, "talk to your husband first" seemed to one of the major sentiments. "Start with your husband, tell him to quit using African Americans as a statistic to help him get praise," this Twitter user said.

8. Big-Time Eye-Roll

Big time.

9. "Girl, Please"

This Twitter user not only responded with her own thoughts but also a Beyoncé GIF.

10. "Girl, Really?"

This Twitter user's "girl, really?" GIF was all they had to say to Trump.

11. Good Ol' Stanley

Stanley from The Office embodied this Twitter user's sentiment.

12. Meme To The Rescue

Pardon the profanity but remember the meme of the guy singing, "Why the f*ck you lyin'?" One Twitter user went straight to the point with that catchy tune.

13. "Say It Publicly"

"I would love for you to say it publicly. Love is a verb so do as you preach. Best luck to you," this Twitter user told Trump's account.

14. Short!

Four words and an exclamation mark and this Twitter user let Trump what she thought. "Like you really care," she said.

15. "You Already Know That"

"Tell that to your racist husband. Instead of diversity @POTUS offers more divisions. As long as he is President there is nothing to celebrate, but I think you already know that," one Twitter responded.

From the looks of these replies, it seems like the month of February could be full of reminders for Trump to keep her husband in line.