Melissa & Joe Of 'RHONJ' Could Be In Trouble Next Season, According To 'Bustle Breakdown'

'Bustle Breakdown'

The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres Nov. 7, on Bravo, and it sounds like this season could be a game-changer for Jersey. The fact that Joe Giudice will likely be deported after he's released from jail in 2019 will surely draw many viewers to watch the new season to see that drama unfold. But that's not the only potential drama set for the upcoming season; RHONJ couple Melissa and Joe Gorga could potentially face some strange dynamics this season that may raise some red flags for fans.

On the first episode of Bustle's new web series, Bustle Breakdown, host Mariah Smith talks to Sarah Galli, who hosts a podcast about Bravo's Real Housewives franchise called Andy's Girls. While chatting about their predictions for the new season of RHONJ, Galli says, "I think Melissa and Joe are probably gonna continue to have these sort of strange interactions with each other where they figure out, 'Why did I get married?'"

During her speculation, the episode shows a clip of Joe Gorga and Melissa arguing in Melissa's store, Envy. As RHONJ fans know, from the minute that Melissa revealed that she wanted to open up a clothing store, her husband Joe put up a fight, lamenting that he'd married his wife based on the understanding that she would stay home to take care of the kids and household duties.

While fans will have to wait until the season begins on Nov. 7 to see just how the dynamics between Joe and Melissa unfold, all eyes will be on the Gorgas as Joe will hopefully continue to support his wife as she follows her dream in pursuing her store. Of course, whether or not the couple heightens their disagreements for the TV show is unclear, but some of the things that Joe has said — "What you do, you bring in crumbs. See, I bring in the cake," for example in Season 7 — are actually pretty upsetting for female viewers.

In one episode from Season 7 of RHONJ, Joe confirmed that he modeled his life after outdated gender roles, saying, "Back in the 1800s, the women stayed home. The men went and hunted. That's what men do, we go to work. We bring back the bacon. The women, they cook the bacon. I'm a caveman. It's what we do." Then later, he said, "I love hanging out with my kids. But taking care of my kids? That's a whole different animal." For any woman with kids, or just any feminist in general, Joe's beliefs are totally cringe-inducing.

The episode ended with Joe telling Melissa that she's "the best wife a man can have," even with her career aspirations, but Season 8 also included a storyline highlighting Joe's issue with his wife working outside of his family business. Long story short: it's not hard to see why the women of Bustle Breakdown would be worried for the future of their marriage.

Even though fans probably know by now that they should expect Joe to guilt trip and complain about Melissa's personal career aspirations that don't revolve around him, it's gotten pretty old. And perhaps it's time for that storyline needs to come to an end in Season 9, for the viewers' sakes. Not only could the next season of RHONJ potentially reveal a breaking point for Teresa and Joe Giudice, but maybe it will also have a breakthrough for Melissa and Joe.