Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Takes on James Comey on 'SNL' After Emerging From The Bushes

On May 12, New Yorkers gleefully posted videos of Melissa McCarthy filming one of her hilarious Sean Spicer sketches for Saturday Night Live in the streets. This news naturally made viewers very excited for the sketch in the May 13 episode — and it did not disappoint. Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer took on James Comey's firing on SNL after emerging from the bushes — literally. McCarthy's Spicey was in and among the bushes outside the White House press room, then took over the podium from Sarah Huckabee Sanders before heading out into the streets of NYC.

Sanders claimed that Spicey's hideout in the bushes was a Naval exercise, but before you can blink, McCarthy's Spicer is back in the press room, spraying a reporter with a fire extinguisher and yelling, "When you lie all the time, your pants go on fire." Her Spicer goes onto defend President Donald Trump's tweets, tells a New York Times reporter that he stinks repeatedly, and deny the "Russia thing." As McCarthy's Spicer explains: "Let me put this whole Russia thing to bed: Trump is innocent. How do we know? He told us so...There's no Russia thing. The only Russia things are my little dollies." And that's when McCarthy's Spicey once again explains a major Trump presidency event with dolls.

This time, Spicey uses matryoshka dolls — you know, those Russian wooden dolls that fit inside one another — to explain FBI Director James Comey's firing. The largest matryoshka doll is Trump and McCarthy's Spicer opens it up to show Comey inside, but it's actually Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. When Jake, er, Comey is opened, Spicey says "our friend Hillary Clinton" is next, but it's actually Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Yikes. When he gets to a matryoshka doll with Vladimir Putin on it, McCarthy's Spicer tries to hide it. Finally, Steve Bannon is portrayed on a matryoshka doll Slimer from Ghostbusters and Attorney Jeff Sessions is Pikachu.

One of the journalists next asks Spicey, "Were you surprised he fired Comey before he fired you?" McCarthy's Spicer picks up a column from the set and hurls it at the journalist — then makes Spicer have a crisis of trust of Trump. This sends Spicey (on his podium) all the way to NYC to find his boss, fighting NYC traffic like we've all seen in those clips from Friday. McCarthy's Spicer stumbles upon a New York Post cover announcing he might get fired, picks up gum from the sidewalk to eat (ew), and venturing to Trump Tower. He gets directed to "a golf course in New Jersey," where Spicey finally gets to confront Trump — and they get locked in what McCarthy's Spicer called a Godfather-style kiss. Whoa.

McCarthy's Spicer has been hilarious all season on SNL and this extended sketch definitely did not disappoint.