Mellie's Going To Be An Awesome President On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico
Richard Cartwright/ABC

After spending the entire season of Scandal so far trying to figure out who the next president would be, last week's episode finally gave us our answer. Mellie Grant has officially been put into office by the electoral college, and come January, she'll be the country's first female president... but there's a massive catch. The scary mystery woman is going to be in control of her presidency, and the danger here is huge. And on Thursday night's Scandal, Mellie decides to fight the mystery woman, and Olivia's right there behind her.

First things first, Mellie wants to create her cabinet, but they put a stop to that right away. The mystery woman — seriously, who is she? Can we at least have a name? — is determined to take every decision away from Mellie, including her vice president, because now they want Jake out and Peus in. There's potential here for disaster on a scale that could affect the whole country, and somehow, it just keeps getting worse.

But then, after a pep talk from Marcus, Mellie finally finds the confidence she needs to take on some of the shadiest villains this show has ever seen. First things first: Naming her own vice president despite what they want.

And brilliantly, it isn't Fitz she decides to go with — it's actually Luna Vargas, Frankie's widow. Lately, she'd been going on talk shows, talking about how unfair it is that the country ended up with a party in office they didn't vote for, but with Luna by her side, Mellie can change that.

Between Luna — someone who's totally innocent and unaware of how scary the situation actually is — as her VP and Olivia as her chief of staff, Mellie will be unstoppable... if Peus and his cronies don't kill her first, of course.

But seeing Mellie as the strong character she was always meant to be? It's totally worth whatever happens next, and I love the fact that instead of living in fear, she's choosing to fight. If I were her, I'd be totally freaked out after that whole Elizabeth North incident, but she's not backing down. I know she doesn't think she deserves it, but she might actually end up being exactly the president Scandal needs.