These Memes About Eyal Being Distracted On 'Love Island' Are SO Good We Can't Even

ITV/Love Island

Wednesday night's episode of Love Island saw Eyal Brooker finally out-Eyal himself, and — surprisingly — the villa's former villain Adam Collard is to thank. So, what are the events that led Eyal to oblige Adam's request to 'smell his beads'? It was one of the more bizarre events of the evening, but the memes about Adam distracting Eyal In Love Island will seriously have you in bits.

The seeds of Operation Doctor Do More were first planted when the villa's new girl Megan Barton Hanson decided to couple up with Eyal instead of A&E Doctor Alex George, not only destroying Alex's hopes of breaking his run of bad luck in the romance department but also destroying the hearts of the nation. However, it seems Alex may be not out of the race for Megan's affections altogether. Megan later appeared to be potentially ruing her decision to have stuck with Eyal, rather than jumping ship to the Doctor.

"Have I made the right decision?" Megan told the cameras in the Beach Hut. "[Alex] is really good looking and a such a nice person. I'm obviously not going to tell him, 'I still kind of fancy you a little bit, I wanna see where things go' because that's just messing with his head. I'm just praying no other girl comes in and gets Alex if it doesn't work out. I know it's greedy but I'm still unsure in my head. Obviously, I'm not going to tell the boys that." Wow — plot twist.


Following such excitement, Adam Collard and Charlie Frederick decided to take it upon themselves to give Alex a real shot at woo-ing Megan back into his arms. And, thus, Operation Doctor Do More was born.

The operation entailed Adam and Charlie calling Eyal away from Megan, providing Alex with the opportunity to finally speak with her one-on-one. "We came up with a plan so Alex has a fair shot with Megan," Adam explained. "We're gonna call it...Operation Doctor Do More." And, I'm guessing Operation Doctor Do More was more of a success than the duo could have possibly ever imagined. Indeed, as well as getting Eyal to declare "he loves green things," Adam also got Eyal to smell his beads. And, no. That is absolutely not a euphemism.

"What are we gonna talk to him about?" Charlie asked, shortly before Eyal descended upon the group. Adam decided to play it with a straight bat. "Do you know about like, stars and sh*t?" Adam asked. "Why are there no stars in the sky?" Eyal then said he had seen a UFO before declaring "I love green things." And then — then — came the beads.

"Can you smell them?” Adam asked. “Can you smell my beads because I can’t tell my nose is blocked?” In essence, Eyal made a right prat of himself and remained completely oblivious to the true intentions of Operation Doctor Do More, and viewers on Twitter absolutely loved it. Below are just a few of the hilarious memes and reactions.

So, what's next for the love traingle of Megan, Eyal, and Alex?

Well, a preview of Thursday night's episode shows Eyal confront Alex about his plan to steal Megan back from him, so it looks like more hilarity — as well as drama — is to come. And, I just hope the memes keep coming right alongside it.

Seriously, could Thursday night's episode just hurry up already? I'm thirsty AF for pseudo beef courtesy of Eyal and Alex. Let's crack on with it.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.