Beer Memes For National Beer Memes

Friday, Apr. 7, is National Beer Day, so rounded up below are memes about beer that every beer lover can enjoy while they're sipping on some brews. That's right, if there's one solid way to spend National Beer Day, it has got to be sipping on some great IPA or ale while reading through these hilarious memes. A perfect combo, wouldn't you say?

Aside from being delicious and wonderfully alcoholic, beer actually has some serious health benefits that make it that much more of a miracle beverage. According to Men's Health, beer can lower risk of heart disease, boost creativity, and help to prevent type 2 diabetes. And the goodness doesn't stop there. Beer has also been known to lower the risk of kidney stones, decrease your chances of forming cataracts in your eyes, and lower your blood pressure. An apple a day? How about a pint!

Now that you've got some fun facts to support your drinking habit, it's time to start celebrating. Get yourself in the spirit of National Beer Day by perusing these funny memes while sipping on your favorite brew. Life just doesn't get any better (except perhaps on National Wine Day... but you've got a month to prepare for that).

Then today's your day!

Or both? Drunchies, anyone?

Now there's a wise man.

Especially on National Beer Day.

Thank God it's Friday.

You had me at "happy hour."

Gahhh, so cute.

The five worst words that can ever be combined.

Two beer... definitely two beer.

I don't think she's talking about dragons.

Straight up.

Images: Jakob Owens/Unsplash; MemeCenter