These Jordan & Robby "Model Off" Memes From 'BiP' Are Just Too Much

by Marenah Dobin
Paul Hebert/ABC

It seemed like Robby Hayes' arrival on Bachelor in Paradise was going to immediately cause drama between him and Jordan Kimball, but that's not exactly what ended up happening. Yes, Robby had some interest in Jordan's girl Jenna Cooper, but in all honesty the arrival of the self-proclaimed social media influencer just blessed the fandom with some great memes and tweets about Robby and Jordan in Paradise.

Usually cast members who arrive this late in the season don't get much screen time since there are so many established couples, but there's no way that Robby and Jordan were going to be at the same tropical resort and not take up screen time.

The jokes practically wrote themselves. So many viewers thought Robby and Jordan were essentially the same person in regard to their physical likeness and public personas. Then there are others who could not help being offended by the comparisons between the two contestants.

Both of the guys have been pretty polarizing among the viewers, but Jordan has transformed from being a "villain" on The Bachelorette to being a darling among the fandom. And then there's Robby.... Sure, he is a social media influencer, but at this point most of the viewers are #TeamJordan. It could just be because Jordan is more of a "fresh face," coming off of the most recent season of The Bachelorette, whereas Robby has been a part of the Bachelor franchise for a couple years.

Nevertheless, Jenna did not fall into the highly hyped Jordan vs. Robby confrontation. Immediately, Jenna made it clear that she did not want to jeopardize her relationship with Jordan, Jordan expressed the same sentiments to Robby, and he ended up going on a date with Shushanna. Needless to say, the drama was really not that bad, but the tweets and memes made the underwhelming story line a lot more entertaining.

These Are Too Good

This one is up for debate since it can be tough to tell what anyone's true intentions are based on a few scenes of a reality television show. It doesn't seem "random" that Jordan and Robby are in Paradise at the same time, does it? This just felt like such an orchestrated story line.

The Comparisons Between Jordan & Robby Were Inevitable

Seriously though. There are some surface level similarities between Jordan and Robby, but it really is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Or different types of alcohol. Or even different fast food burger joints.

And The Burns Were Pretty Sick

What is the most valid way to compare these two characters? Would Jordan be a "knock off" Robby since Robby joined the Bachelor franchise first? Would Robby be a "knock off" Jordan because there's just no one who can out-Jordan Jordan himself?

You Can't Unsee This

These two are so similar, yet so different.

The "Rivalry" Was Pretty Underwhelming

Wait. That's it? Two guys sharing their intentions and respecting each other's wishes? No one saw that coming, especially on this show.

OK, Now This Would Have Been Good

It would have been very entertaining to see these two share hair secrets and possibly argue over who has the most superior styling products and techniques.

The Jordan vs. Robby dynamic had a lot of hype, but ultimately that was all that went down. Jordan and Jenna just had a great date. Jordan has made it clear that he's been interested in Jenna right from the jump. The two of them are finally on the same page. There wasn't much that could change that, especially the reemergence of Robby Hayes.