These Memes Of Trump & Emmanuel Macron Chilling At The White House Are *Chef's Kiss*

by Seth Millstein
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived at the White House Monday to meet with President Trump, and the two appeared to get along swimmingly. Despite the legendarily tense handshake they shared during their first meeting in 2017, the two presidents were nothing but smiles on this time around, and memes of Trump's White House meeting with Macron quickly filled social media.

Although various world leaders have visited the Trump White House, Macron's arrival marked the first official state visit of the Trump presidency. So far, the event has largely been pomp and circumstance: The two ate dinner at George Washington's old residence, planted a tree on the South Lawn of the White House and took a helicopter tour of Washington D.C.'s monuments, according to CNN. However, the two did meet privately and later held a joint press conference, where they talked Syria, the Iran nuclear deal and the recent van attack in Toronto.

Although the two leaders' relationship got off to a somewhat fraught start, they heaped praise upon each other on Tuesday, and stressed that U.S.-French relations are as strong as ever.

"Mr. President, they're all saying what a great relationship we have and they're actually correct," Trump told his French counterpart Tuesday. "It is not fake news. Finally. It is not fake news. So it is a great honor. Great honor that you're here. We do have a very special relationship."

Of course, the Internet was much less interested in the two countries' diplomatic relations than the many meme-worthy moments that arose during the meeting. Here are some of the best.

Holding Hands

Quite a bit of hay was made about the fact that Trump and Macron, in the words of NBC News, "awkwardly held hands for a prolonged moment" while heading to their press conference.

A Budding Bromance

Likewise, Trump and Macron shared a handshake at their presser that must be seen to be believed. Macron later tweeted out a picture of the handshake with the caption "France—USA."


Footage from the Macron meeting also showed the president attempting to get first lady Melania Trump to hold his hand. She eventually did.

Melania's Hat

This one speaks for itself. As does Melania's hat.

The Phantom Kiss

One angle of the meeting appeared to show Trump faking a kiss with Melania, stopping several inches short of actually touching her face, while giving a real kiss to French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

The Dandruff Sweep

Although this doesn't appear to be an actual quote from Goodall, Trump did indeed reach over and sweep what he claimed was dandruff off of Macron's shoulder during one of their public appearances. "We have to make him perfect," Trump explained before correcting himself moments later: "He is perfect."

Get It In Writing


Throwback Hit

There's no word yet on whether either of the men were wearing cherry Chapstick.

Planting The Tree

A strangely picturesque image of Macron and Trump shoveling dirt onto a tree also became an instant meme.

Dark Side Of The Lawn

And where can I hear it?

Linguistic Subtleties

Mmmkay, moving right along...

Good Luck Unseeing This

Apologies to the Young Pope fans.

Right Out Of A Magazine, But The Wrong Magazine

Here's a reference picture. All that's missing is the black stripe.

The Macron-Trump relationship became the source of endless speculation after their first meeting, in which they shared a long and fraught handshake that produced countless thinkpieces, memes and even an explanation by Macron. The two appeared much more friendly with one another during this latest meeting, but that didn't prevent the denizens of Twitter from busting out the memes. It merely resulted in different, slightly odder memes.