Ariana Grande Sampled 'The Sound Of Music' On "7 Rings" & Fans Are All About It

by Stephanie Downs

Once again, Ariana Grande has released an absolute bop with "7 Rings." Not only is the track instantly catchy with its fun lyrics, but it also caught the attention of many fans for its ties to "My Favorite Things." And these memes and tweets about Ariana Grande’s "7 Rings" sampling Sound Of Music will have you laughing along as you jam out to the song.

In case you somehow missed it, Grande released her latest track, and an accompanying, lavish music video, on Jan. 18. The singer previously detailed the vibe that she was going for with "7 Rings" and said that the song would be a kind of continuation of her hit "Thank U, Next." In a response to a fan on Jan. 13, Grande said that her latest single was indeed a "friendship anthem," writing:

"seven rings is jus like ..... a flex. friendship anthem. how the homies WANT u to feel. what the ‘thank u next’ energy evolves into while embracing a new chapter (even tho both moods /energies are v present)."

In addition to all of the friendship anthem feels in "7 Rings," Grande's sampling of "My Favorite Things" also had a major presence in the song. And, naturally, since the Sound of Music vibes were a big hit amongst fans, there were a ton of amazing memes and tweets that highlighted the musical remix.

Living For It

Like many other Grande fans, this Arianator is "LIVING" for the singer's take on her own favorite things.

It's A Bop

As this Twitter user said, Grande pretty much turned "My Favorite Things" into a bop fit for the 21st century.

Queen Status

This Twitter user called Grande a queen for paying homage to the Julie Andrews classic. No lies detected there.

An Icon

Honestly, Grande's take on "My Favorite Things" in "7 Rings" is, like this user said, simply iconic.

Getting Glam

If you take a listen to "7 Rings," you'd know firsthand that the track makes you want to live out your very best, lavish lifestyle. The above user's short clip perfectly showcases that vibe.

So Fierce

In the words of this fan, Grande's take on "My Favorite Things" is what the "world currently needs." Yep, pretty much.

We ALL Like These Things

One fan used that well-known Grande meme with Victoria Justice to get in on the "7 Rings" fun. In the song, the singer boasts about all of the amazing (and pricey) things she likes, which prompted this user to joke that all of those items "are all of our favorite things." That's some A+ level meme-ing.


This fan posted a couple of before and after photos of glamorous Bratz dolls to jokingly show off just how transformative Grande's new track can be.

That's A... Different Take

This user remarked that they heard some slightly different lyrics for "7 Rings," lyrics which mostly had to do with taking a trip to IHOP. Well, no one can really argue with breakfast foods being considered some of the best things in the world.

Julie Andrews-Approved

Ok, so Andrews didn't technically give her approval of the song on Twitter. But, like this user posted, I also like to imagine that the famous actor is jamming along to Grande's track.

An Arianator's Favorite Things

While Grande sings about her love of lashes and diamonds, an Arianator's favorite things are slightly different. Mainly, they're favorite things consist of all of the singer's instantly iconic songs, tour looks, and the singer herself. As a fellow Arianator myself, this all checks out.

Many were clearly loving the "My Favorite Things" vibes in "7 Rings." And it's clear from all of those tweets that Grande's new song is definitely a favorite thing amongst all of the singer's fans.