Meredith's Breaking All The Love Triangle Rules On 'Grey's Anatomy' & It's Thrilling

Eric McCandless/ABC

Grey's Anatomy is back with not one but two love triangles. One is boring, because it involves Owen "I'm Always The Good Guy™" Hunt trying to decide if he should stay with Amelia and help take care of Betty and her baby or if he should go be with Teddy and raise his baby with her. But the other triangle is more interesting because it involves Meredith choosing between DeLuca and Link on Grey's Anatomy — and she's about to break all the love triangle rules.

On Thursday's episode, the action picked right up from where the midseason finale left us. A huge windstorm left doctors and patients trapped in elevators when the hospital's electricity turned off. But the electricity was turned ON for DeLuca and Meredith who had nothing to do but flirt when their elevator stopped on the way to surgery.

DeLuca has been trying to convince Meredith for a while that they should be A Thing, and he pulled out all the stops by saying so in what was supposed to be romantic Italian, but was really just sort of creepy. In any case, Meredith was clearly fighting an urge to jump into a makeout fest and kept coming up with excuses about her being an attending and him being a resident. Um, Meredith, you were an intern when you started dating Derek, so not sure where all this HR speak is coming from, but OK.

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But her obvious attraction to DeLuca isn't the only romantic thing Meredith is dealing with. She also agreed to go on a date with Link, because CeCe the Matchmaker really helped Meredith open up to the idea of dating as fun. And it seems Mer took her advice to heart, because, in a touching scene after CeCe's death, Meredith pledged to keep exploring that side of herself. "I nearly kissed the Italian one. I may kiss the other one too because I mean look at him," she said of DeLuca and Link, respectively. "I don't know if I'll ever find love again but I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I'm having fun."

But as part of rediscovering how to date post-Derek, Meredith isn't making any choices just yet. At the end of the episode, both DeLuca and Link met up with Meredith to see if she was ready to go on a date that night. But Meredith decided that she was not ready to choose just one person just yet. She told them, "It's been a long day and I'm going to go home and see my children." Then she pointed at both of them and said, "I will see you later," prompting DeLuca to ask, "You'll see who later?"

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Meredith's cheeky grin as she walked away seemed to hint that she's not going to be picking between them anytime soon. If both men really like her, they're going to have to woo her — because she's just dipped her toes back into dating and she's not ready to settle down with just one person quite yet. Sometimes that will mean she decides to go home to her kids, and maybe later it will mean kissing both "the Italian one" and "the other one" because look at him. Meredith has come a long way from putting work first to putting herself first, and if she wants to date around a bit — more power to her.

But if she does end up choosing one guy in the end, it could be DeLuca. He made a strong case for himself (in two languages no less) in the elevator and also opened up about his past showing his more vulnerable side. He seems to be the real deal vs. Link who seems to just be a pretty face, for now at least. Until and unless she makes that ultimate decision between her two suitors, Meredith is going to choose fun and joy and what makes her happy. She's going to choose herself.