Mermaid Tail Brushes May Be Coming

The unicorn trend of 2016 doesn't seem to be dying down in 2017. It just may be evolving. Thanks to a recently deleted Instagram post, rumors are circling on the internet that mermaid tail makeup brushes are in the works from the very same people who brought beauty lovers the now famous unicorn brushes. Unicorn Lashes launched their unicorn-themed brushes to gobs of fanfare in 2016, and based on the deleted Instagram post, it seems as though they may be producing even more fantastical beauty tools in 2017.

The Instagram image featured four brush illustrations each with a flared, extremely colorful tail. As for the bristles, they varied in color from black to purple to red. Since the original post went up and was removed, the brand has uploaded some very cryptic images of stunning beta fish with the caption "inspo." While beta fish brushes would be cool, my guess is that those beautiful tails and fins are inspiration for the upcoming mermaid brushes that some fans already got a sneak peek of via social media.

Bustle has reached out for comment regarding the image of the potential mermaid makeup brushes. However, we have yet to hear back from the brand. As for me, I've got my fingers crossed they're real. While the original image from Unicorn Lashes is still posted over at TrendMood, the popular beauty Instagram account, the beta fish inspiration images give a definitely idea of how the new perspective brushes might look.

Whether the brushes are going to be beta fish brushes or mermaid brushes, fans are excited no matter what.

Fans are already so stoked.

Some are already predicting their popularity.

Others just want to get their hands on them as soon as possible.

Only time will tell if the Unicorn Lashes mermaid brushes are real, and if they'll be sold online soon. Until then, I think we can all get by with those perfect unicorn brushes, right?

UPDATE: Unicorn Lashes responded to Bustle's inquiry regarding the mermaid brushes. Here's the statement: "The mermaid brushes we posted were just a concept. We are going ahead with a full prototype design that I hopefully will have by Friday. The picture we posted was just to get an idea on the response to having mermaid brushes in the brand, and we want to create something very unique with our final concepts that are as unique as our unicorn brushes."

Rejoice fans because it seems like mermaid brushes are, in fact, real. While they may not have a physical prototype yet, we can all rest easy knowing that they're coming. Considering the beauty that is the Unicorn Lashes unicorn brushes, these beta-fish inspired mermaid brushes are sure to be a must-have.