Meryl Streep's Shocked Face At The U.S. Open Just Became Your New Favorite Meme

by Mary Kate McGrath
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not the first time she's been a scene-stealer, but Meryl Streep's surprised face at the U.S. Open is about to become the best reaction GIF the internet's seen. On Sunday, the actor attended the 2018 U.S. Men's Open final in New York City, and her facial expressions during the match are already breaking the internet. The championship brought together two star players — Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro — for a tight game. Djokovic ultimately won, earning his 14th Grand Slam Title, but del Potro didn't give up easily. The match was a close call that had everyone in the stadium everyone tense, but nobody was reacting to the match with more enthusiasm than Streep.

The Oscar-winning actor was spotted watching the nail-biting match on the sidelines with her son, Henry Wolfe, according to Marie Claire, and the cameras caught all her best reactions in real time. When the commentators spotted the star in the crowd, they gave her a shoutout on the air. She looked up at the cameras to say hello and give the commentators a small cheers with her beer.

Then, as the match got more intense, the star's reactions became more emotive. She could be seen cheering on the players and gasping at the dramatic moments where points were scored in. Luckily, all her best facial expressions made it onto the air, and social media is already turning the pictures and GIFs into hilarious memes.

After the funny moment where the actor realized the commentators said her name on the air, Streep was unbothered by the cameras and continued to have the most emotive, hilarious faces throughout the game. Here she is looking at the nearly tied match with awe and disbelief:

ESPN noted that the star looked exactly like the shocked emoji. Even the U.S. Open's official account took note of her fan reactions, writing: "And the award for best performance by a fan in a leading role goes to... "

Fans were loving her reactions to the close game, which captured everyone's feelings during U.S. Open's close final match.

Of course, Twitter was quick to turn the pitures and GIFs of Streep into a variety of memes:

This isn't the first time Streep's reaction shots have gone viral. In 2015, her response to Patricia Arquette's Oscars acceptance speech quickly made the rounds online. The picture of her shouting encouragement during the speech lasted well beyond the year's awards season, and continues to be used in popular memes today. There's even a Twitter moment dedicated to one of the memes fans created last year titled "Meryl is shouting her favorite song."

In 2018, Streep continued her reign as the internet's meme queen. At the Academy Awards, the star was nominated for her role in The Post, but her front-row reactions once again were the real winner. The star continued her tradition of supportive cheering, updating the GIF-ed picture from several years ago.

The fact that she so courteously updated her own meme proves that she is the truly the best at providing the internet with reaction shots. Here are some of the updated posts that circulated on social media after the award show:

Clearly, the U.S. Open Finals wasn't the first time that the Oscar winner's facial expressions stole the show, nor will it be the last. From the front row of the Oscars to the sidelines in a sports stadium, Streep's enthusiastic reactions never disappoint. It's a comfort to know that there will never be a shortage of hilarious GIF reactions and memes as long as the star is on TV.