Michael Keaton Made An Awkward Globes Error

by Rachel Simon
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, man. It's not unusual for an awards show to be full of awkward moments, but the 2017 Golden Globe Awards have taken it to a new level. At the Globes, Michael Keaton said "Hidden Fences," not too long after Jenna Bush Hager, on the red carpet, made the same mistake. Eek. Both Keaton and Bush Hager erroneously combined two real movies, Fences and Hidden Figures, to create a fake one, and the mistake has not gone unnoticed by viewers at home. Bustle has reached out to both NBC and Keaton's representative, and they did not immediately respond. Update On Monday morning, Bush Hager apologized for saying "Hidden Fences" on Today.

Earlier: Although the mistake seems to have been made by both Keaton and Bush Hager without any malicious intention, it's still frustrating to many people, considering that Fences and Hidden Figures are two of the only Globe-nominated films featuring primarily-black casts. When Bush Hager first messed up the words on the red carpet, it was a truly awkward situation, as she was speaking with Pharrell Williams, who produced and did the music for Hidden Figures. The second time the error occurred, Keaton was standing on stage, and the mistake was heard by both viewers at home and the entire Globes audience. Come on, everyone.

It shouldn't be a difficult task to remember the names of the nominated films, and it's distressing that the two films combined to make "Hidden Fences" happened to be two of the only major contenders starring black actors. People are mad, and for good reason. Hopefully, both Keaton and Bush Hager realized their mistakes.