Sorry Asher — Rome Flynn Thinks Gabriel & Michaela Could Be 'HTGAWM' Endgame

ABC/Eric McCandless

How To Get Away With Murder's Season 5 finale included plenty of twists, but not all of them are unhappy ones. It looks like Gabriel and Michaela on HTGAWM are giving their relationship a real shot. And after all of the lying and deceit, it's nice to see the two of them finding happiness with each other.

Gabriel and Michaela hooked up earlier this season, but their connection never really went anywhere before now. At first, it seemed like Gabriel was only showing interest in Michaela so that he could get invited to Connor and Oliver's wedding. (After all, he'd seemingly tried to flirt with Laurel at first, too.) But Michaela started to sympathize with Gabriel as they got to know each other more, and it looks like he feels the same way.

Ahead of the finale, Rome Flynn, who plays Gabriel on the show, talked to Bustle about his character's relationship with Michaela. The actor explained why the two of them are a good fit. And from his perspective, it sounds like Michaela could be just what Gabriel needs.

"I think his feelings are real for her," Flynn says of Gabriel and Michaela. "He sees what he wants in a woman in her. She's very successful — or trying to be successful — very intelligent. He's all about all of those things. So I don't see why he wouldn't actually like her."

ABC/Eric McCandless

Now that Gabriel and Michaela are on good terms, though, it looks like they might even start dating in Season 6. And if they are together, Gabriel could support Michaela in her quest to find her birth parents. (Speaking of which, that's another huge reveal from the finale: Apparently, Annalise knew Michaela's birth father, somehow.)

Plus, a Gabriel-Michaela relationship could finally answer one of the big questions on fans' minds: Did Gabriel actually tell his mom about Michaela? When he called her on the phone, fans didn't hear who was on the other end. So it's still a mystery how much she knows.

Flynn believes that Gabriel and his mom will interact in the present timeline on screen, though, even if it's not super soon. "I think we will see her. I don't know when," Flynn says. "But it's definitely an avenue that I know that we're gonna take, as far as with Gabriel and his mom."

Still, fans hoping for an Asher-Michaela reunion might not be happy about Michaela and Gabriel's kiss. Wherever their relationship goes next season, though, the two students have supported each other during difficult conversations about their parents (even if Michaela hasn't told Gabriel the whole truth about Sam). And being able to trust someone with something so personal, like Michaela's revelation about her birth parents, can be a pretty powerful thing.

And, honestly, with everything Gabriel's gone through this season — the other students lying to him, the FBI planting evidence in his apartment, finding out his dad had someone killed — he deserves a little bit of happiness. Michaela does, too.