Michelle Keegan's Cryptic 'Our Girl' Comments Could Change *Everything*

by Sophie McEvoy

I don't know about you, but I have yet to catch my breath after the Bodyguard finale on Sunday. Who knew that 2018's autumn drama was going to be this good? Whilst I may be in the midst of marathoning Killing Eve (seriously, get on it), I can't help but wonder where BBC's Our Girl is. You'd think after that finale, a fourth series would be confirmed off the bat. Thankfully, Michelle Keegan's new Our Girl Series 4 interview has given some insight into the show's future — and it's made me feel totally optimistic.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Keegan revealed that although she doesn't know for certain if there will be a fourth series of Our Girl just yet, she hinted that something is in the pipeline and she's all for reprising the role of Corporal Georgie Lane. "It's not been confirmed. I know there are talks, but I'll have to wait and see," she told the paper. "It would be great for it to come back. The writer is so talented, so I know he'd come up with some great storylines."

The actress then went on to admit that she thoroughly enjoys working on the show, which also stars Ben Aldridge, who plays her on screen love interest Captain James. "I'm loving every minute of it," added Keegan. "I feel so lucky to be a part of it. It's amazing to see how well Our Girl is doing and how big it has become."

Whilst Keegan's comments have given me a sigh of relief, I needed a tad bit more info for total piece of mind.

So, I reached out to the BBC to see if there was any new word regarding a fourth series, and a spokesperson tells me that the show has been doing really well over the summer on BBC iPlayer, and they are currently "in discussions about [the] future of Our Girl." Well, that all sounds promising.

OK, so this might not be a solid confirmation that there will be a fourth series, but at least it's something. This also corroborates Keegan's knowledge that there are talks about where the show will head next, although if the third series is where Our Girl were to end, the actress is more than happy with its conclusion.

BBC Studios

"The ending was a real talking point because the plot was literally left on a cliffhanger," she told the paper. "But if it doesn't come back then I think the storyline was left in a nice place." I guess, but the last we saw of 2 Section involved an uncertain cliff jump into a rocky river. Maybe Keegan knows something viewers don't? Hmm.

That's certainly something to ponder, but in the meantime viewers can rest easy that the reception of the third series Our Girl has been phenomenal, so much so that Keegan recently won the TV Choice Award for Best Actress, which was voted for by the public.

Understandably overwhelmed, Keegan enthused her love for the BBC drama that led to her receiving this accolade. "Honestly, this job for me was life-changing. I got to travel the world, I learned new skills, met extraordinary people and to come away with this award is just the cherry on the cake."

Keegan then went on to thank those that made her work on Our Girl, with a significant focus on the service of men and women in the British Army, especially the female medics that inspired the role of Georgie. "I feel honoured and privileged to be telling your story on screen, and I have so much respect for what you do."

In my opinion, that is all the more reason for Our Girl to continue on into the distant future. Hopefully these talks — and Keegan's outright optimism — will be the catalyst a fourth series to be greenlit. C'mon, BBC, you know you want to.